Website Age, Authority and SEO (PokerProp 2.0's Version)

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    This is a guest post from Jim (PokerProp) who has masses of experience running major traffic affiliate/non-affiliate websites, including his newest project

    There is a ton of value in what Adam wrote in his article “Website Age, Authority and SEO”, seriously if I had an affiliate blog I would give it a link. Whilst there’s nothing worth commenting about in the facts as everything there is great advice, I was left feeling slightly discouraged after reading the article. First let down by the fact it was going to take me a while to rank, I was then introduced to all these other things I’ll need to do or have done including coding, CMS, hosting and domain services, hard work, content, links, corrections, A/B page tests, calls to actions, starting projects over again, all reaffirming it’s pretty much impossible to make money anytime soon.

    That’s all great advice, let’s set the expectations low and if they say “okay I understand boss, what’s next, I’m in this for the long haul” then seriously, pow! We got us a winner and are ready to get to work. I loved the rest of it, until we got into “production line”. Now if that’s your strategy (network) I agree. Sincerely, this is EXACTLY how I did it since around 2001 when I realized optimizing for Google was the future, and it’s how I still do it today, just to a much lesser extent in order to avoid being spread too thin.

    The only reason I decided to write this post, is because I assume it is younger affiliates, or those just getting into (or thinking about getting into) affiliate marketing who read most of these posts, and I was concerned that while AWESOME advice and great facts, they might end up mislead. So for that reason I decided to offer you this article Website Age, Authority and SEO by PokerProp 2.0’s in case you wanted to post it.

    Website Age, Authority and SEO by PokerProp 2.0

    I’ve dedicated a lot of my life to helping others make money. Something to do with having grown up poor, being the son of two high school dropout parents (both who when I was an adult got college degrees), having a child of my own, becoming a single father, and then making a lot of money along the way, developed this massive drive inside me to want to help others. I’m not sure why or what the real motivation inside me was to do it, but it’s a drive I’ve had for over a decade and part of my reason for writing this article.

    I’m assuming you’re reading this article because you’re considering a career as an affiliate marketer, or maybe you already own a few website, have limited success and want to make a lot more money. Awesome here goes!

    Step 1: Make sure your finances are in order. If your website is your source of income to live, by all means, get a job.

    Step 2: Write (or purchase) quality content, publish it and get a small handful of backlinks.

    Step 3: Do everything else.

    Step 4: Profit.

    I’m spot on dead serious that’s it; making money on the internet is a simple four step process, and it’s so easy anyone can do it. Of course you’re probably thinking well everything else is a lot, there’s designing a website, building even more backlinks, getting affiliate deals, managing advertisements, accounting, banking, and forty other similar like things to do deal with, how can that all be considered one step?.

    Let me ask you two questions in response.

    Question one: Are your finances in order?

    Question two: has your website published a vast amount of quality content related to its primary topic?

    While we could debate all day whether the chicken or the egg comes first (that would be senseless, but we could do it) there is no debate that if you’re building a website that will rely on search engine rankings, AND stand the test of time, quality content is the first step. Most don’t realize that all that time they spend negotiating deals, registering affiliate accounts, designing templates, creating graphics, adding banners and affiliate links etc. is all time that could have been spent the two most important steps 1) getting finances in order 2) publishing quality content.

    So let’s get into what might be included in step 3 so you can at least get an idea.

    At some point when you have a ton of content you’ll probably need a theme to contain it. Once you got a theme created and online that will contains existing content and could contain more: what other content can you now write?. Next how can you get more people to visit your website?

    Way down in the bottom of step 3 (everything else) should include getting ready to make money. This is the time where you can contact companies looking to either sell them advertisements, or partner with them in some sort of affiliate relationship. Huh?

    Too many people worry about how their website is going to make money before they (or their designer) ever types . Here the thing, there is nothing wrong with having a massive goal, in fact I recommend it. If you’re doing a website about best slot machines, I’d bet this is a topic people are interested in, there is probably some level of search volume for the main term, and there is certainly tons of related terms you can get traffic for (such as the names of each machine). This is a website there is going to be no shortage of ways to make money from. Slot machines are profitable, companies, live casinos, online casinos etc. will advertise. Your site has no visitors yet, or maybe it has 500 visitors per month. How much is an advertiser, affiliate program or whatever going to want to pay you? The answer is the same rate every other off the street person is getting, instead of what you could be getting if you first built the site they badly wanted to advertise on. Make sense?

    Once you realize you don’t need affiliate accounts, advertisements, calls to action or anything else the idea that it takes time for a site to rank becomes a moot point. Seriously type the words and then complete the first page. On what? You can use the same simple no template idea my new site uses. Next, start begging some friends for backlinks. If you don’t have any friends make them. There’s a million ways to do so, go to affiliate forums, if you’re still stuck with step 1 (finances in order) get a job servicing affiliates as a content writer, programmer or whatever. Develop a reputation as the best and service as many people as you can and there will be all sorts of people you can beg for a backlink. Now in-between building your backlinks, publish and link to more quality content. Keep a job and find other ways to make money.

    If you follow this method you’ll soon learn that the best way to make money online is to first have your finances in order, and to then write and publish quality content and get some backlinks. Later when someone asks you “yeah but what else” you just might say “yeah all that other stuff, don’t worry, that’s step 3”.

    The other factor here is if you follow this method website age, authority and SEO will work itself out in time. And, when it comes to that “authority” aspect, oh man you’ll be miles ahead of your peers. This is because you developed all your content and built all your links during a period where you were thinking “yeah someday this website will make money”, while acknowledging that was  step 3, which is “all that other stuff”. Knowing this naturally led you to build the type of site visitors value, Google trusts, and people want to advertise on.

    Although, that concludes Website Age, Authority and SEO by PokerProp 2.0, there is one final thing I wanted to comment on. The building multiple sites and spreading too thin strategy is not a good idea for most affiliates. For those without the finances get the highest paying job you can find, and invest the excess in building your main site (commit 90 minutes per day, start a timer and race to do all you can in those 90 minutes). Once your site is making enough it can pay staff and take care of your salary, okay move on to the next thing. I’m a huge fan of keeping things aging on the backburner, having new outs and being diversified so I’m not saying don’t build multiple sites. I’m just saying once you recognize you’re too thin (and we’ve all been there) that’s a leak and needs to get plugged somehow.

    Again great article by Adam, all of it is true. I just though presenting the same with a new strategic, approach might be helpful to some readers.


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