Using the Google Adwords Tool to Find Profitable Keywords

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    Using the Google Adwords tool

    I have briefly mentioned the Google Adwords tool a few times. It’s a free KW research tool from Google that gives you information on approximately how many times a KW is searched each month.

    The one tip I will give you for when you use this tool is to make sure you have the “exact” box checked in the left column; this gives you the exact number of searches per month for that keyword.

    Tips for Finding Profitable Keywords

    Before entering a niche, make a list of as many products and services that people buy related to that niche as possible. These could be anything from physical products, e-book’s, membership sites, or services of some kind. List anything people buy within that niche and check out the search volume using the Adwords tool. If there are lots of people searching for products then there is money to be made. Load some of them up in Google and use the SEOMOZ toolbar to see how competitive the terms are. What you want to do is find the keywords with the highest search volume but seem the least competitive.

    You will also be writing various articles on your website. Spend some time creating a list of every possible article title you could write relating to that niche.  Do the exact same thing; enter in the keywords people would search for to find that article in Google. Look for keywords with low competition and high search volume; these will give you the most traffic for the least effort.

    After I have entered a market, I usually use the Adwords tool before creating any individual article on my site. I don’t want to waste my time writing content that no one searches for in Google. Additionally, I want to incorporate as many keyword variations related to that article in the article <title tag> and URL. That way, I give myself the chance to rank for many longtail keyword variations.

    Example:  Before creating a page on “Website ideas”, I originally wanted to create a page on “Most profitable website niches”. However, when I used the Adwords tool, I found that hardly anyone was searching for variations for “profitable niches” and many more were searching for “website ideas”. “Website niches” had 28 searches a month; whereas “website ideas” had 12’100. Both seem to have a similar level of competition, in-fact, I think “website ideas” is an easier term to rank for. Bearing in mind I could incorporate similar content in to a post about both of these keywords, it would obviously be a big mistake to rank for “website niches” and not for “website ideas”.

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