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    Top Tips for Affiliate Marketing for New Affiliates 

    We are now at the end of this affiliate marketing and SEO series from Andy. I really hope you have learnt some new things about SEO and ranking in Google.

    Before I leave you, I would just like to pass on a few pieces of business wisdom and search engine knowledge. Most of these tiny titbits’ have been learnt through failure, so if you are struggling right now, know that it is not for nothing.

    –       Choose a niche that has money but also one that you are passionate about. The amount of work required to be successful is massive in most cases. Unless you are passionate about your niche, you will most likely quit. Having passion will support you during the hard times when most people quit. Most people severely underestimate the amount of determination needed to succeed. Passion and determination will help you get through the hard times and come out on the other side smelling of roses.

    –       Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Once you are earning “Good money” you should diversify your efforts. Make multiple websites with multiple streams of income. I have had a 5-figure a month website penalised by Google and become virtually worthless overnight. The worst case scenario has happened to me. In order to negate those risks I now run multiple websites that Google cannot link together.

    –       Build an email list using Aweber from day one. Also, use Popup Domination to increase your opt in rate. Email marketing is incredibly effective, period. Not only will it increase your sales, it will also add tangible value to your business if you choose to sell it at some point.

    –       Offer some kind of free product that you can give your customers in exchange for an email opt in. Free stuff = Increased conversions.

    –       Reinvest your profits back in to your business.

    –       Outsourcing link development and content development is a great way to do reinvest. But be very cautious when hiring people.

    –       Keyword research is important. Low difficulty, high traffic and high relevance keywords are the most valuable. These are hard to find, you will most likely have to settle for low difficulty, low traffic and high relevance keywords when you first start out.

    –       It’s still all about links when it comes to ranking in Google. One high quality link is better than 200 low quality links. But one high quality link and 200 hundred low quality links beats a single high quality link.

    –       If your main method of getting traffic is through the search engines, keep your eye on the SEO industry for new developments. Read SEO and internet marketing blogs. Use your bullshit detector to figure out who is legit and who is not.

    –       Internet marketing and SEO forums can sometimes provide valuable information but there is so much noise and fraudulent information to filter. In general, I haven’t learnt all that much from these forums. These forums are mostly full of people who are struggling and not making money. The people who are making big money very rarely post valuable information on these forums. And let’s be honest, why on earth would they?

    –       Automated link building tools work but they are only as good as the person using them. Check out my resources page for a list of all the tools I use on a daily basis.

    –       It is better to take massive action with a flawed plan than to take no action at all. The most valuable lessons I have learnt have come from my failures. Embrace the fear of uncertainty and take action anyway. If you take action and fail, you now have some new information on what does not work. Now adjust what you are doing slightly and take more action. Eventually you will figure out what works and you will get all the money and success you desire.

    However, unless you make a firm commitment to taking action daily, you will most likely fail. Take this e-book for example; I spent a week writing this 22’000 word e-book before I even had a single visitor to my website Before engaging on this journey I had lots of fear and apprehension about what would happen and how people would interpret my message. I haven’t got rid of this fear, I still feel it, I just choose to take action despite it. If the worst comes to the worst and all my efforts come to nothing, that’s ok, at least I tried to do something I really cared about and wanted to do.

    –       Model successful people: If you want to be a successful on the internet, analyse and model the most successful people in the industry. I have learnt a lot about internet marketing from modelling the most successful internet marketers and analysing their conversion process. I have also learnt most of what I know about SEO simply by listening to what other SEO experts say. The rest of what I know has come from taking action and observing the results.

    If you want to become successful at internet marketing and SEO you have to immerse yourself in it fully. If you are hanging around your usual friends and co-workers all the time and they know nothing about SEO, you’re not going to get better at SEO. You get better at something by fully immersing yourself in a topic. This often means changing who you hang out with, what you spend time doing and who you decide to take your advice from.

    –       Make new relationships: I have learnt an incredible amount of information over the years from other website owners. Not only have I learnt valuable information, I have also started many strategic partnerships. I cannot tell you how important it is to make contact with the biggest players in your niche.

    I talk to many affiliates who work in the same niche as me. Although they are my competition, I routinely exchange information about what is working and what is not working in terms of SEO and marketing. I help them out and they help me out.

    Let me tell you this, people will never forget how you make them feel, so if you put your best foot forward and try your best to help everyone you interact with, I promise it will come back to benefit you in the future.

    –       Read good books: I try to read a lot of books related to business and personal development. Nearly everything valuable I know has either come from a book or from reading a website. Being able to teach yourself by reading the advice and experiences of others is a very valuable skill.

    –       Celebrate every victory: When you first start out it is hard work and things you can celebrate are few and far between. Celebrate traffic, ranking and profit milestones. I will never forget the first time I got a number one ranking or the first sale I achieved. The feeling was unforgettable.  Try to celebrate every step you make in the right direction and be compassionate to yourself every time you get a setback. I guarantee if you spend any large amount of time in this industry you will have many highs and lows. The key to longevity is being able to take the lows and ride out the bad times.

    Good luck on your journey. I wish you the best of luck.

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