Best US Sportsbook Affiliate Programs

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    Best US Sportsbook Affiliate Programs

    As a UK affiliate, the US markets aren’t exactly my forte – especially when it comes to promoting US sportsbook programs or leagues such as the NBA or NHL. However, a high proportion of traffic to my sports betting sites has always been US and I’ve always tried my best to cater US-friendly programs to these players (I had a lot of success promoting during early 2011).

    What I will say now is that however (for any new affiliates reading) is that the US gambling market is extremely volatile, and any recommendations made now could change by next week as US programs close down or stop accepting US players.

    Given all that, I would always recommend going with an affiliate CPA within the US sports betting market, especially if you can get a $100+ deal.  I’ve previously promoted,, and, all of which closed their programs soon after I started promoting them, which has made me risk-averse when it comes to the US markets.

    USA Sportsbook Affiliate Programs 2012:

    1. 1. Bodog  – Join Bodog Affiliates Now!

    Bodog doesn’t seem of offer anything outstanding in the sports betting market but they’ve been a staple in the US industry for the last 10 years and have a solid brand there.  Unlike, and others, they didn’t close their doors to US players during Spring 2011 either.

    Bodog’s sportsbook offers CPAs ranging from $75 up to $150 based on the number of players that you bring there.  Conversion rates are poor (and I’ve heard player value is poor), but they are probably the least poor in the industry.

    2. BetOnline – Join Commission.BZ Now! is a pretty new US sportsbook, casino and online poker room.  They’re run by a competent AM Stephen however from my own stats I’ve seen terrible conversion conversion rates (i.e. 10% sign-up to depositor).  I’ve heard similar issues from many other US affiliates which is why I’m now promoting Bodog above them.

    In conclusion, I’m sure if you can negotiate good deals then there’s a killing to be made from promoting sportsbooks in the US.  The NFL is the biggest sports league in the world and I previously had excellent conversion rates at before they closed down.  It’s just a case of waiting for a good US program to come along and a more relaxed political environment before you can start making a ton of money pushing US sports bettors again.


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