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    Top Ten Tips for New Affiliates

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    In short, it was one of the best times of my life.  There was tons of fresh powder and I managed to board down my first ever black runs, moguls, and boarder crosses.  Overall a great time, tons of alcohol and tequila to take the pain away from my ass, and even bought my own custom-fitted Burton snowboard boots for around $200.

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    Feel free to add your own tips in the comments section if you feel that I have left anything out.

    1) Get Productive with Daily Objectives and Goals

    Being productive is the number one tip if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing.  There is tons of money ready to be made on the internet but in order to take advantage of this you need to be hard working, willing to learn from others and get your sites up as quickly as possible.  Remember, no successful person in this world has got to where they are now without being hard working.   The harder you work, the more successful you’ll be, period.

    2) Pick Profitable Niches and Keyword-Rich Domains

    If you’re a new affiliate, plan to kick start your career with small 10-20 page mini-sites (see this article for why building mini-sites is best for new affiliates).  Doing this requires you to pick a profitable niche, a solid keyword rich domain (I suggest 500+ exacts in google keywords) and limited competition.

    Once you get a site ranking for a profitable keyword than you should start to see your first revenue as an affiliate.  Trust me when I say that this is a great feeling!  Examples of some good keyword-rich domains and websites include and

    3) Set Monthly Goals and Aims

    For the first year of two of being an affiliate you need to set yourself monthly goals which are not only attainable but also measurable (look up SMART Objectives for more information).  Ever since I started setting and writing down monthly goals on my affiliate blog I have found that my productivity has increased massively.

    The problem with daily or weekly goals is that you can’t really get much done within a week.  And you aren’t going to see your affiliate revenue increase much on a daily or weekly basis.  But a month is easily long enough to set up new websites and monitor your progress and productivity.  For example, I regularly post monthly objectives such as adding 30 static pages to this site or getting one site ranking on page 1 of for “xxx” in a single month.

    4) Read Plenty of Affiliate Blogs and Other SEO Resources

    There are a number of great websites, blogs and resources that I have used over the last few months to increase my knowledge of certain aspects of affiliating.

    My favourite/recommended affiliate and SEO sources are listed below:

    • (inspired me to start my own affiliate blog)
    • (strongly recommended for new affiliates)

    5) Article Marketing

    One of the easiest and best ways to gain back links to your new sites is to engage in the process of article marketing.  This involves submitting your own articles to article-resource sites such as,,, and others.  The advantage of submitting articles to article directories such as these is three-fold: you get a high quality backlink within each article, you receive additional traffic to your own sites from readers clicking your links, and many of the articles that you publish will be re-syndicated across lots of other blogs (giving you up to 10 root domains for each submitted article with a link).

    6) Build up as Many Valuable Contacts on Your Skype as Possible

    I may decide to write up an article about this later, but in my opinion Skype is my number one resource for SEO.  I also have tons of great contacts on my Skype not just for SEO and link exchanges, but also designers, coders, writers, fellow webmasters, pay-per-click entrepreneurs, super affiliates, etc.  Being able to communicate with other affiliates, ask for help, and learn from others is an integral part of my balance of being an affiliate.  Skype contacts also help to keep you aware of important industry news that may directly affect you.

    7) Have a “Go To” Guy for All of Your Needs

    Linking to point 6), I like to have a “go to” guy for all of my affiliate needs such as web coding, wordpress help, SEO questions, theme designs and logos.  Having a regular “go to” guy for all of your affiliate-needs makes day-to-day tasks more efficient and easier.  Building solid, long-lasting relationships also smoothens simple transactions and work matters.  You can start paying people upfront, knowing that they have done successful jobs for you in the past, without having to worry about quality or someone running off with your money. A great resource for logos and content for affiliates at the moment is, which is run by JD and Laurence.

    8) Trial and Use Different Affiliate/SEO Tools

    It’s important to stay one step ahead of your competition in internet affiliating.  One way of staying ahead of the trend is to use affiliate tools.  There are a number of excellent tools that I use for affiliating nowadays.  The majority of affiliate tools tend to cost around $50/month so in my opinion this means that unless you’re rolling in $500+/month revenue you shouldn’t really bother with them.  Once you start making $500+/month however, than you should start trying out these popular tools.  My favourite affiliate tools that I currently use are:

    • GetClicky (superior web analytics that allows you to track multiple sites with ease).  4 other affiliates have already signed up to GetClicky under my recommendation.
    • SEMRush (lets you spy on your competitors keywords and view keyword volume)
    • SEOMoz (includes the best SEO competitor analysis software on the internet)
    • Aweber (for making easy opt-in email lists on your websites)

    9) Analyse Your Money Pages and Implement Better CPAs

    A great article on increasing affiliate income from your money pages is written by Kevin.  But in short, one of the best ways to increase your revenues as an affiliate is not only just to build more sites but instead start implementing better CPAs into existing articles and optimise your sites better for conversions.

    For example, if you have a single review page on a website that is making you 5 CPAs per month (a total of $500) than increasing the conversion % of this page by 20% will earn you an addition $100 per month.

    There are lots of ways that you can improve CTRs.  These include better placed text links spread throughout the article, banners, underlined and BOLD calls to actions, custom CTAs and overall more persuasive, confident text.

    10) Affiliate Karma – Help Others and They’ll Help You

    This might sound quite gay but the truth is that if you help out other affiliates in the long term than you will get more respect as an affiliate in general.  These “little people” may well turn into something bigger and you can bet your ass that one day in the future you will also need some one else’s help who knows more about a specific topic than you do.

    A tip from James from JmacMarketing – blog spamming is bad karma.  It may help you with SEO in the short term but in the long term you’ll end up pissing off other affiliates and online communities.

    11) Diversify Your Monthly Affiliate Income

    I strongly recommend ensuring that you have multiple revenue streams if you’re going to start a career as an affiliate.  Many giant affiliate programs not only in online gaming but other niches (e.g. Amazon Affiliates) have screwed with a select group of affiliates in the past.  The wider and more differentiated that you make your revenue streams, the less risk that you make for your business.

    Some alternate revenue streams include:

    • Emailing Lists (Aweber)
    • Selling Textual Link Ads in Posts
    • Writing Content for Others
    • Designing Logos for Others
    • Mentoring Newer Affiliates
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