Tips to Limit Risks in your Business

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    RISK is becoming more or a big word towards the end of 2011.  I personally think more affiliates are prioritising ways of limiting risks, and protecting their current profits, as opposed to finding additional ways to grow their business.

    Running a business over the internet contains so many risks that at one point you’re just bound to run into trouble.  It could be a small problem – like you’re hosting coming down for a couple of days.  A bigger problem could be finding out that one of your writers has been publishing plagiarised content on your site for the last 6 months.

    I’m just going to go over through tips that I think can help limit the risks of your business activities.


    I like to think of premium domains as an asset.  If you’re planning on building a large website with 200+ pages of content than why not invest in a solid domain?  There are too many domains on the web nowadays and I don’t think these exact match hits will retain much value down the line.

    The only reason people develop exact match domains is for short term value.  That’s why if you want to limit risks in your business you should invest in premium domains that will keep their value (or increase over time).  This is one of the reasons why I invested in  Even though I had to part with quite a lot of money, I could probably flip the domain at any time for a profit.  Jame’s article on building on value to reduce risk is a must read too.

    Build High Quality Websites from the Ground Up

    Websites are great assets.  But, if you have poor websites with low quality content then the chances of you being able to sell it down the line will be slim.

    I’m trying to get into the habit of building websites with high quality content, i.e. building from the ground up. This not only ensures your website will be worth more to potential buyers, but having 700+ word pages with details information will also help rank better in the search engines and get your FAR more long tail traffic.  You have to start getting into the mindset that things such as Content aren’t just costs, they’re also assets.

    Limit Risks in your SEO Campaigns

    I’ve never had a site sandboxed within 3 months of launch, but I know this has happened to quite a few others.  Try to limit the risks of SEO by building links to your site slowly with lots of natural anchor texts (i.e. include your URL).

    Once your site has gained age and authority, you can start focusing more on specific keyword rankings.  Avoid dodgy link-wheels, blog spammers, and cheap links on shitty blogs.  Ideally when you buy links you want them to be from sites that are well monetised and not just there for selling links.

    Having friends in the industry is a great way for getting authority links and giving you a step up on your competitors. Guest posts are also a great way of doing this.  I recently did an interview on (read the interview here) and SME Marketing for example.

    Hire Trusted, Experienced Content Writers

    There are a lot of writers on the internet who sell content cheaply and make you think you got a great deal.  Then maybe 2-3 months down the line once you’ve published hundreds of pages you’ll find all of the content sold to you has been sold to others too.

    To avoid this from happening, try to only work with writers that have plenty of experience in the industry and have been recommended by others.  The more popular and well known the writer, the more they have to risk when they get negative feedback.  If I’m buying content in bulk (10-40 articles) than I’ll also take a random sample to go through and check everything is above the line.  Once I’ve used someone a few times I’m happy just paying 100% upfront.

    Diversify in as Many Markets as Possible

    It’s not good enough to have all your eggs in one basket.  Especially when that basket may become illegal one day.

    Make it Your Aim to Sell Advertising/Media on your Site

    One of the best ways of limiting risks in affiliating is to sell media buys on your websites. For the most part, companies aren’t really interested in buying advertising on small mini-sites that barely get 1,000 page views per month.  The way to get media buys is to build authority sites that get well over 5,000+ unique visitors per month.

    I’ve not had much experience in this area to be honest, but I have recently been contacted by two companies in the gambling and forex niche looking to place media buys across my sites.  One tip is to look across the web, see which programs seem to be advertising on sites, and then email them offering your rates.  I’m always happy giving a 20% discount for 3 months payment upfront because I know that my ROI for investment will make this worthwhile.

    Alternatively, if you’re going to work with affiliate programs on a revenue share deal than make sure they have a good reputation with no history of screwing over affiliates.  Go for long term rewards over short term gains.


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