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    Sports Betting Affiliate Programs 2012

    This page lists my top 5 sports betting affiliate programs for the last year or so of business, in addition to some information about sports betting affiliating.

    Sports betting has always been a good revenue source for me – both on a CPA and revenue share basis.  For some reason, when I diversified from promoting online poker to online sports betting back in 2010, I ended up making more money a lot more easily then in poker.

    Top 5 Sports Betting Affiliate Programs: 

    Site US Rating Revenue % CPA Visit Program
    1. Bet365 Bet365 Bet365 RatingBet365 RatingBet365 RatingBet365 RatingBet365 RatingBet365 RatingBet365 RatingBet365 RatingBet365 RatingBet365 Rating 30% N/A Play at Bet365
    2. William Hill William Hill William Hill RatingWilliam Hill RatingWilliam Hill RatingWilliam Hill RatingWilliam Hill RatingWilliam Hill RatingWilliam Hill Rating 45% £300 Play at William Hill
    3. Bet Victor Bet Victor Bet Victor RatingBet Victor RatingBet Victor RatingBet Victor RatingBet Victor RatingBet Victor RatingBet Victor RatingBet Victor Rating 30% N/A Play at Bet Victor
    4. Betfair Betfair Betfair RatingBetfair RatingBetfair RatingBetfair RatingBetfair RatingBetfair RatingBetfair RatingBetfair RatingBetfair Rating 35% £60 Play at Betfair
    5. Paddy Power Paddy Power Paddy Power RatingPaddy Power RatingPaddy Power RatingPaddy Power RatingPaddy Power RatingPaddy Power RatingPaddy Power Rating 45% N/A Play at Paddy Power


    Top 3 Recommended Sports Betting Affiliate Programs:

    I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these UK sites for the European markets.  I’ve never had a problem dealing with any of them and conversion rates have probably been 100% better than US sportsbooks I’ve promoted

    1. 1. Bet365 – Sign up to Bet365 Affiliates Here!

    Bet365 has converted extremely well for me (70% signups > depositors) over the years.  They tend to keep players happy there for a long time with crossover sports, casino, poker, games and bingo products.

    My average depositor at Bet365 is higher than any other program I promote too.  Players usually deposit £200 – £1,000 here and it’s not uncommon for them to deposit up to £5k for one-off major events such as the Champions League or Wimbledon.  Their huge £200 bonus promotion for new players probably helps a lot.

    The AM service at Bet365 is really good (I’ve had regular emails from Nigel about how to improve my traffic conversions, including setting up special deals).  The only downside is that they don’t offer no-negative carryover.  Commission starts at 30% across all products and they don’t do CPA deals.

    1. 2. Victor Chandler – Sign up to VC Affiliates Here!

    I have to admit I only started promoting Victor Chandler recently but the conversion rates and average player value has been great.  One of the first players I signed up here deposited £13k straight away and made me over £1,000 in commission on a single Champions League night.

    Victor Chandler also offers lots of quality crossover products including sports, casino, live casino, poker, games, bingo, financials and slots.  Commission starts at 30% across all products.

    1. 3. Betfair – Sign up to Betfair Affiliates Here!

    Betfair is a slightly strange program.  They make their money through a betting exchange by charging 5% on all winning bets.  On a 30% revenue share deal this means you’re basically earning 2% on the total win of your players.

    Personally, I’ve found this unique revenue-share deal pretty poor.  Unlike other affiliate programs, Betfair only tags sports betting players to your account for a maximum of 1 year.  This is why I’ve opted to go for the CPAs here instead.

    The reason that I still promote Betfair is that they have good conversion rates, they’re very popular in the UK, and they offer a unique selling point (Fan V Fan) with the lowest odds for most markets.  They have an excellent reputation in the UK too (having won the Queens award for Enterprise in 2008) plus they are the first to release new products, such as the first iPhone Betting App in 2010.

    Betfair also provides a crossover casino, poker, arcade games and bingo room, which will generate more revenue then their sports betting exchange.

    Why is It Easier for Affiliates to Make More Money in Sports Betting than Poker?

    Sports betting is less competitive than online poker for a number of reasons. First of all there’s a bigger gap between UK and US markets then online poker, it’s easier to get new sign ups and depositors since sports bettors seem to more around more than poker players, plus there are far more ways that sports betting can be broken down into monetizable niches.

    For example, while the top keywords in online poker are dominated by a few major portals, in online sports betting you can target different sports (UFC, Tennis, Football, NBA, NHL), different competitions around the year (Premier League, March Madness, Cheltenham Racing, Wimbledon), odds comparison, promotions, bonuses, mobile features and live or in-play betting etc.

    Sports Betting Average Player Value vs. Online Poker

    I think the average player value and CPA is higher for sports betting then poker.  Most poker affiliate CPAs will be worth $75 – $100, while in sports betting you can normally get CPAs ranging from $100 up to $300 if you negotiate successfully.

    From my own stats, I’ve seen the average sports bettor will be depositing around £50-£100 but you get a lot of players depositing around £1k-£5k too. I’ve found that most sports betting players will a lose money very quickly in sites with cross-over casino products.

    The only downside with sports betting compared to poker is that you can suffer significant swings in income (around 50% +/-), which is why I always recommend signing up to a no-negative carryover sports betting program if possible.

    Remember that a lot of UK sports betting sites such as Bet365, Betfair and Victor Candler have been around for 50+ years.  Gambling law in the UK is also much more friendly than the US which means there’s less risk promoting UK on a revenue share basis as opposed to US sites.



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