Setting Medium Term (Quarterly Goals) as a Webmaster

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    One of the things I’ve done with my business in the past has been setting short term, monthly goals. Although these have been a useful tool for planning my monthly budget and strategy, I feel like as you work on bigger projects you need to move away from short-term goals toward holistic medium term, quarterly goals.

    Short-term goals are an excellent way of planning day-to-day tasks and doing actionable things such as ordering content, uploading content, increasing traffic etc. However, when it comes to goals such as increasing traffic, Twitter followers, brand awareness, FB likes and managing multiple campaigns, I think you really need to start planning and evaluating your business in four quarters throughout the year.

    For example, in Q1 I might want to launch a site with a certain amount of content.  In Q2 I’d want to set goals for forum, social media and brand building activity, which may include getting a certain amount of followers on Twitter.  In Q3 I’d want to maybe double or triple traffic from the previous quarter and get myself into the mainstream media and tabloids.  Finally, in Q4 I’d like to find a way of fully monetizing the site, working with core partners and outsourcing the majority of the work involved.

    How I plan to Use Quarterly Goals in my Business

    I mentioned in the end of my previous blog post a number of goals that I’d set for myself by the end of the year.  With so many sites to work on it didn’t really make sense to set monthly goals for all of the tasks I had to complete.

    As I’ve started working on bigger projects, I’ve found there can be all sorts of setbacks.  If I want to build a site with 500+ pages then I need to put out listings for writers, then negotiate prices with those writers, then order the content and wait for it to be done, and then finally upload it all.  I also like to spread my costs out over time to give my sites time to age and build credibility.

    Social Media:

    When it comes to social media, you really need to grind it out and put in the hard work to attract natural followers.  It’s not something you can just build overnight.  Sometimes it requires building personal relationships before someone will follow you back on Twitter, other times it requires split-testing CTAs on your site to maximise social media conversions.

    My aim with a few of my sites is to get 100+ followers.  Since many of my websites are very new with low traffic, I’m hoping the majority of these followers will be through my competition and other webmasters in the niche.  I’d imagine it would take at least 3 months to get 100 followers for each site.  I’m also trying to reach 100+ followers on my personal AffiliateFYI Twitter account so please follow me here: @AffiliateFYI


    I have a couple of sites where I intend to install forums.  Big projects like starting a forum take a lot of time to do successfully.  In addition to getting forum software paid for and installed on your site, you also need to get someone to kick-start your forum, find some moderators who can run and manage it for you, then you need to find a way to promote the forum to users.  Finally you need to monetize it and integrate it with the rest of your site.

    I already bought a teen forum which I plan to integrate on once that website gets going, however I also intend to launch forums on and too.

    Brand Building, PR and Media

    This is probably the most difficult part of what I’m doing because it requires time, patience and making the right connections to build a solid brand.

    One of my medium term goals is to get a couple of my websites in the mainstream media by doing guest features for the Guardian, Telegraph, Huffington Post and other local news sites.  Before I do this, I want to hire new designs and themes for my site so that look as professional as possible.  I also need to hire enough content to make my site one of the most authoritative in the industry, plus invest in a couple of news-worthy products such as a survey or free eBook to give away.

    The final part of the jigsaw is to find a way of promoting my sites through forums in a way that is both helpful and natural to the community.  For example, if I see someone is looking for information on a certain topic then I may link to my website (or even hire a researcher to write about that topic) which I can then link on my site.  Promoting your brand through forums or even signature links helps increase brand awareness, referral traffic and improve your SEO.  Furthermore by hanging around forums you can also find inspiration for content topics to drive your site.

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