September Report – Incorporated ARG Media Ltd

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    September was a really up and down business month for me, so I apologise for not getting this post up sooner but there were some things I had to take care of.

    First of all, at the beginning of the month I managed to catch a casino whale on one of my penalised sites, which was extremely lucky to say the least.  I don’t like to boast about things but I also know it makes for interesting read and good link-bait so I’ve added a screenshot below.

    I also got around to incorporating my own business, ARG Media Ltd, so I’m looking forward to getting some business cards made and re-structuring my business properly etc…

    Casino Whale  – Date Captured September 2012

    After all of recent Google updates in September, I also decided the time was right to sell one of my biggest sites.  I’m pretty happy with the sale and it’s set up my business for the next few years, which is good.

    A week before the sale I also decided to buy a new domain,, which I plan to launch into a graduate careers, jobs, gap year and news site.  I’m extremely happy with this project because it fits in perfectly with my network of student sites (which allows me to utilise the same traffic sources, writers and email lists) whilst also having end-development potential as a graduate job listings site a year down the line.  I’m also quite interested in the graduate jobs market (and my most of my friends are graduates) so there’s a lot I can do with the site.

    September 2012 Goals Recap:

    • Upload 40-60 pages of content to – Done.
    • Increase traffic, do some SEO and monetise my two new sports sites – Done.
    • Upload 20 pages, install new theme and do some SEO for my student site – Done.
    • Do a couple of helpful guest posts elsewhere – Done.
    • Get active in social media and possibly hire someone to run a campaign for me – Not done yet.
    • Increase my knowledge of PPC campaigns – Done.
    • Add a few more pages to my consultancy website – Done.

    My Future Business Strategy

    I’m basically going to split my business into three different divisions.  First of all I’m going to be developing big brand, CPM, white hat sites for my finance and education sites (e.g.,,,,, I’m going to invest a lot in social media traffic and building email lists too.  Everything is going to be developed as a real brand, including Youtube videos, Linked Business Page, G+ integration and PR.

    Secondly I’m going to de-index and re-launch my penalised affiliate sites on some nice brand domains, essentially consolidating my network.  I’m still aiming to make a lot of money in the gaming industry however I no longer want to be dependant on it.

    Lastly I want to kick-start my consulting business at and hopefully make a nice chunk of income working with clients (or potentially partnering with some other businesses in London).

    Anyway, that’s all for September.  I’ve decided I might be taking a few weeks off just to calm down and relax a little bit, since it’s been a very stressful month for me!

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