September 2011 Goals, August Results, Two Brand New Domains

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    August 2011 Affiliate Results:

    August was a miles better month for me than July.  The first half of the month was still slow but things seemed to pick up by the end.  God I’m so glad summer is ending.

    I got a load of stuff done in August and it was quite an exciting month for me – probably my most exciting ever.  I bought a couple of new premium domains to move some sites to, made a huge chunk of income from my websites outside of gaming and increased traffic on everything.

    My income level this month was $6k+.  Pretty awesome given it was still part of summer.

    August 2011 Goals

    • Get as many new sites as possible to 1,000+/month traffic – Achieved this with my new spread betting and mobile casino site.
    • Start generating bingo income.  – Failed to do this yet but starting to see an increase in traffic.
    • Increase spread betting/forex income. – Made a good $xxx amount of money.
    • Come up with new ideas for markets outside gaming. – Studied some markets and have some new ideas but nothing solid.
    • Double monthly income from gold site. – Quadrupled income from last month after record prices in gold.
    • 301 to new domain, expand site and double traffic to 3,000/month. – Moved to and 301’d another site too!


    Bought Two New Domains in the Mobile Niches:

    I managed to pick up some really good domains and from in August.  I’ve moved >, and >

    I think I got some awesome prices for these domains and paid only 25%-50% of their real value.  I know for a fact that I paid around 50% for of what sold for and I bought for half of this.

    Originally I wasn’t planning on buying, since I already had my website, but after I bought I thought these two domains would complement each other really well and I could develop them and sell them together down the line.  I’ve already put the 301’s in place and I’m waiting to see if this has any effects on traffic and rankings.

    I think it’s kind of cool how my small mini-site idea has developed over time and moved to a bigger site  I found my old October 2010 affiliate blog post where I first came up with the idea and registered the domain.

    Quadrupled Income on my Gold Site

    I had a record month for my site, not surprising when you consider the state of the economy and the record prices of gold (it increased more then 12% this month as demand increased!).  I actually made around 15-20% of what I bought the site for last month which means it isn’t a bad ROI!

    Increased Traffic on Main Sites

    I said in my August goals that my aim was to increase traffic on as many sites as possible to 1,000+/month and invest in SEO this month.  I basically 7x traffic on my mobile casino site and 3x traffic on my news since the beginning of the month.  I added some more value to my spread betting/forex site with a Technical Analysis and Indicators section.

    Registered Three Solid Domains

    I somehow managed to pick up some solid domains from in the spread betting niche: and

    Me and this other guy know for a fact that these domains must have been dropped since they were never there before, and they’re probably worth around $100-$300 each.  I may list them on sometime soon since I don’t plan on developing them.

    I also picked up a nice domain for reg fee, (my local city).  It gets 12,000 exacts and I think I could maybe monetise it with via’s job listings as a publisher which I found from SPI’s blog post here.  I contacted the owner of at Sedo who said he wanted $100,000 for it – again just shows what a rip off Sedo can be.

    I had to cancel a website sale on Flippa for my old PR3 site since it started making more money than I anticipated last month.  I set the Reserve at $1,000 and the BIN at $3,000, but then I realised it had already made $500 half way through the month so I figured I’d hang on to it and see how it fairs after summer when traffic builds up.  I guess in general summer is the WORST time to sell a website since your income and traffic levels will be very low leading to a lower asking price.

    Either way I had quite a few people emailing me personally about my website so if I decide to sell it down the line I know I can put a good premium on it.

    September 2011 Goals

    I was really happy with my income level this month but obviously given it’s the end of summer I’d be looking for traffic across my sites to increase in September.

    My aim now is to build up my two new mobile gaming websites, add maybe 20-40 pages on each site and massively increase traffic.  I’d also be looking to keep expanding my spread betting and gold projects whilst keeping my eye out for new markets and possibilities.

    I’m going to going away on holiday in the middle of September and going to India/Hong Kong/China in October so I want to get as much projects finished and matured before then.

    I also decided to buy a Macbook Pro 15” for anyone who’s interested (I haven’t received it yet but will write a review about it when I do).  I’m fed up with buying PCs that become completely unresponsive and practically useless after the first 12 months.  I’ve also had tons of people recommending Macbooks to me so I decided to just go out and get one.



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