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    There are a lot of useful SEO tools for affiliates on the internet, but one of my favourites and the one that I get by far the most fun out of is called “SEMRush”.

    SEM Rush (visit SEM Rush) is a very useful (and fun!) keyword competition analysis tool that lets you see where your competitors are generating most of their traffic and money from.

    Pricing Plans: $69.99/month recurring or $79.99 for 1 month only.  If this is a bit steep for you, there’s also an SEM Rush Free Trial which you can use with limited results and data.

    What is SEM Rush?

    Basically, SEM Rush is an SEO tool which allows you to spy on your competitors keyword rankings, view keyword volume and look at your own rankings.  All you need to do is type  in the keyword or URL of any site in the search bar and it will do its magic displaying hundreds of results for your query.

    1)      Spy on all your competitors’ organic keyword rankings (including where their highest % of traffic comes from).

    2)      View your competitor’s traffic volume for different Google search engines (e.g. UK, US, DE).

    3)      Analyse graph of your competitors monthly rankings and estimated traffic

    4)      Do keyword research for your website or niche using data from Adwords

    5)      View all of your own keyword rankings including “low hanging fruit” (i.e. high volume keywords which you’re ranking 15th for without even knowing it!)

    6)      Export all data in CSV file to save or manage in Excel.

    You can now use the free version of SEM Rush to see the first 10 results for each search query.  For instance, if you type in your competitors website (e.g. than you’ll see their top 10 keywords and where most of their organic traffic comes from.

    >>Visit SEM Rush

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    Check out’s Traffic and Keyword Rankings:

    Screen shot of Keywords and Traffic

    What are the Advantages of Using SEM Rush?

    Simplicity: The biggest advantage of SEM Rush in my opinion is its simplicity. Unlike SEOMoz, which has hundreds of different sections and complex tools, SEM Rush is extremely simple to use.

    On SEM Rush, all you need to do is type keywords or website URLs into the search bar at the top of the homepage.  It will then instantly displays hundreds of results for your query including: Organic Keyword Rankings, Keyword Volume, similar keywords with high traffic, CPC, Competition Analysis, Traffic %, Cost % and Monthly Trends for that keyword.

    If you type in a competitors’ URL (e.g. than it will also display a graph of their estimated traffic based on organic rankings.  This is could be quite useful for doing a link exchange or buying a link from a site. You could see what it’s traffic is like or whether its been penalised in recent months!

    Spy on your Competitors: What you’ll benefit most from on SEM Rush in terms of features is the ability to “spy” on your competitor’s website and rankings.  You can easily spot your competitors most lucrative keywords, their SEO strategy and what they’re attempting to rank for, plus where does their highest percentage of organic traffic come from.

    Optimise your Site for Lucrative Keywords: You can easily find profitable keywords that your website ranks for and find any potential low hanging fruit.

    For example, if you see one of your internal pages ranks 10th for “Carbon Poker Bonus” which has a search volume of 1,000 than you could build some more links to your site and rank number one for it.  This function will be extremely effective for affiliates with large, authority sites who will probably be rankings 10th-20th for dozens of lucrative keywords which they never even realised.

    As a personal example, I typed my own website into the SEM Rush search bar and it showed that I rank 17th for “poker tournament software” which has a search volume of 700+.  I could then use this information to SEO my site for that particular keyword.

    Keyword Research Tool: SEM Rush is also an alternative to Google Adwords in that you can view keyword volume, competition and traffic data.  You can switch between the UK/US/FR/DE versions of Google to see how changes traffic.

    One thing that I’ve noticed about SEM Rush is that keyword volume tends to be around 50% of what Google Adwords suggests.  This is probably more accurate in reality but I still think SEM Rush depends on Google data so I’m not sure there’s such as disparity in the keyword volume.

    Is SEM Rush Pro Worth the $69.99/Month?

    The regular price for SEM Rush Pro is $69.99/month for 1 year or you can buy 1 month only for $79.99 (or you can use the limited free trial).

    Personally, I think the price is OK for this tool given how much it can help you.  It used to be around $49.99 which I thought was excellent value for SEM Rush Pro, but the $69.99 is a little bit less enticing.  However it’s still a lot cheaper than SEOMoz Pro ($100/month) which is similar in value to affiliates.

    Whether this tool is worth it or not depends on how often you’re going to use it to be honest.  If you’re constantly analysing your competitors and launching new sites than I’d definitely recommend this.  It will help you target new keywords whilst spotting where the real money is.

    I also get a little fun out of this tool just checking my competitor’s and contacts on Skype to see what terms they’re ranking for haha.  If you only have one or two websites however and don’t do much keyword or competition analysis than I wouldn’t recommend it.

    Like all good things though, I would suggest trying SEM Rush for yourself or even the free trial and see if it’s for you.  I already know a few people at PAL who already use it!

    >>Visit SEM Rush

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