Rob: Have Passion, Keep Focused and Aim for Quality

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    This is a guest post from Scrawnybob who owns and runs various gaming sites including the poker guide and forum – (see if you get the joke in the domain!).

    Having started 4kingpoker way back in 2005 makes me seem like an old hand or more possibly a relic from a bygone age. I remember when I first started affiliating with zero experience the established affiliates were already tipping that the good times were over, the low hanging fruit had been picked and we were too late to the party.

    They were right in some respects, but the industry has continued to grow and grow. Yes the really really easy money had gone but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty to be made with a little more effort and a little more determination.

    Many things have changed since the early days of poker affiliating, social media and constantly evolving search engines may seem to rewriting the rulebook every five minutes but the fundamentals of successful affiliating really haven’t changed in all that time.

    Have Passion – Create Passion

    It’s vitally important that you are passionate about your business and your chosen niche. If you have no interest or passion for your sites topic it will be blatantly obvious to your visitors who will reward you lack of passion with a speedy exit.

    Having passion will create passion in your visitors which will be reflected in increased visit times, higher click through rates and ultimately in your increased profit. Conversions to and through your money pages will be dramatically higher if you can write engaging, and motivating articles that get across your enthusiasm for online poker.

    Being honest is vital especially in your site reviews, only recommend sites you think have positives and be prepared to highlight the negative too. There is a world of difference between genuinely liking a poker room and writing worthlessly sycophantic sales blurb, people can see it a mile off and will switch off your site never to return.

    Personally I really like pkr poker because its a bit different and fun to play. I was one of the first affiliates to promoted it on my sites, alot of other affiliates said 3d poker woudn’t catch on but it has. On the flip side I’ve been prepared to completely drop rooms for a couple of years if they have significant player issues – Sometimes its just not worth getting every dollar.

    Keep Focused – Think and DO

    It’s important to keep up to date on the latest industry news but DONT get distracted too much by all the noise around you. You can quite literally clutter your life up with endless “relevant” infomation sources, industry gossip, tweets, facebook updates, news feeds etc to the point that you get nothing done at all.

    Find a balance, keep focused and make sure you actually DO something to add to your site and business rather than just thinking or talking about it.

    If you spend too much time keeping up with what is going on you will rapidly become the best informed but least productive affiliate in the history of affiliating. The most focused affiliates are the most successful at using their time productively, not too much over thinking and navel gazing they just get on with DOing it.

    Dont spread yourself too thin and dont take on more than you can handle. Trying to do too much will mean you run round like a headless chicken getting a little of everything done badly and absolutely nothing done well.

    Cut out the unproductive time wasting and focus on doing more of the things you have seen get results.

    Trying to setup and run too many sites is a classic mistake many fall into, me included. A year or two ago I spent the best part of 12 months building alot of small sites and intended to build them out over time. In reality I wasted a year of valuable time, in trying to build a mini empire I ended up losing focus on my main money sites. Creating sites with no real unique value, far from spreading my risk meant I actually just lost focus on continuing the success of my main assets.

    There are so many channels for communication at the moment affiliates can be forgiven for feeling overwelmed by all the things affiliates think they should be doing – tweeting, updating facebook fan pages, bookmarking and the list goes on and on.

    Ultimately while many of these can be useful add-on to your site you really need to look hard at the effective ROI, your time is the most valuable commodity you have and you must be realistic about the return on any time invested.

    Is the conversion rate and revenue of gaining 1,000 followers on twitter / facebook really worth all the hours setting it up and most importantly being stuck maintaining your brand on twitter / facebook ?

    Maybe the same hours far better spent really perfecting that newsletter copy, improving conversions and increasing your subscriber numbers ?

    Is your time better spent improving the calls to action in your most popular articles rather than wasting it hacking out yet another shallow meaningless puff piece of news about xyz poker ?

    Aim for Quality – In Everything

    If you dont feel its quality then dont waste your time doing it. Unless you plan to churn and burn your sites with auto pilot tools then it’s worth putting in that bit extra effort to do a decent job or dont bother at all.

    There are now so many mediocre bonus / rakeback / reviews sites out there, the internet doesn’t need anymore and google knows it. Aim to be one of the best online poker sites even if its following the tried and tested path and ultimately relies on converting signups on your review and bonus pages – try to do it well.

    Look for quality in everything you do, from writing quality content based on quality keyword research through to searching out and cultivating quality links with other quality sites. Work and plan like you plan to be around for the long haul and dont take a devil may care throw away attitude to your sites – it will show in the finished product.

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