Report of the LAC 2012 Conference and an Overview

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    I went to my first affiliate exhibition event at the LAC (London Affiliate Conference) 2012 last week and thought I’d write a report about what I learned and why it was a useful trip for me.

    It was really good fun and I met a ton of nice people, AMs and affiliates such as Simon (shortstack), Giorgio, James (cernus) and Nick (OMGCapLocks) from PAL.

    I’ll also probably be meeting up or having dinner with a couple of the AMs I met in London sometime, plus me and James are probably going to meet the guys at in London.

    In terms of business, the trip was definitely worthwhile.  I’ve heard a lot of affiliates telling me that they don’t really get much business done at these conferences but in my opinion I got a ton of stuff done that will make me more money in the long run.

    Business Tips and Advice from going to the LAC:

    • Negotiated some Exclusive CPL and CPA Deals: First of all from a business standpoint it was extremely valuable.  I negotiated some exclusive CPLs and CPA deals at a number of new operators I haven’t worked with before, which I doubt I would have been able to do through Skype of email. It seems operators are much more relaxed about giving affiliates special commission structures when you meet them face to face and they can get to know you.
    • Got a Ton of Tips from AMs for Improving Conversions on my Site: I had meetings with my AMs who I received some excellent tips and advice for targeting more high value players and making adjustments to my sites.  This includes targeting certain keywords or countries, plus finding out what’s growing or where the highest value players are.
    • Learned more about Emerging Markets, Average Player Value and Industry Conversion Rates: I found it really interesting researching different markets and finding out exactly what the player values are or the predicted growth of a certain market from the operator’s stand point.  For example, I learned the differences between CFD trading and spread betting from the London Capital Group guy with regards to the best markets, conversion rates and player value.  I also had a few meetings about the mobile gaming sector, which I’m pretty focused on.

    SEO Presentation

    With regards to the SEO presentations at the LAC, we (me, James, Nick and Dan) only went to the one presentation about the “Changing Landscape of SEO and Link Building in 2012”.

    I was actually really disappointed with it since none of the speakers mentioned anything about Google Plus, Bounce Rates, User Metrics or Social Media during the entire session.  It was basically just link building tactics from 2008.  I probably would have got more value reading a blog post from the SEOMoz website.

    Also, I thought the speakers on SEO were a little bit crass in their presentations using words such as “F*ck” and “Sh*t” which you don’t really expect from a professional presentation.  If I were doing a presentation myself I would never give it such an informal tone.

    One of the best things about going to the conference in my opinion was just realising how big the affiliate and SEO industry actually is, and realising that some of the stuff I’ve done is impressive and actually respected.  When you’re working from home, it can seem like you’re just abusing the Internet and you could lose everything overnight.  But when you realise there’s a whole dedicated industry and other people doing what you’re doing then it does make you feel better.  It made me feel like I was really part of a legitimate, growing and lucrative industry.

    I guess the only downside was that there aren’t a lot of affiliates my age (22) so it’s a little bit harder to network and meet people.  I’d guess the average age of affiliates at these events is 30-35. When I went bowling it also seemed like most the people I met and networked with were operators as opposed to affiliates, which can be a little frustrating for various reasons.

    Overall though, it was an excellent trip and I’m looking forward to doing something like the Barcelona Conference in the future.


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