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    What are the Most Profitable Niches for Affiliates in 2012?

    Let me tell you a little secret. The website niche you select doesn’t matter that much. The only thing that matters is that there are products and services related to that niche that people buy online.

    I have several websites in the poker/gambling/bingo niche. I love operating my poker websites and I love writing about poker. I am a budding poker player and love the game, so that niche sits well with me and I enjoy working within it. I also started another website in the online bingo niche.

    Both websites earn me money. In fact, the bingo site earns me more money compared to my poker website. However, I find the bingo website so damn boring. It’s the most ridiculous game ever and the thought of sitting around all day working on a bingo website is like a slow death to me.

    The point I am getting at here is that there is money in both these niches, the poker niche is more competitive, but both niches have money to be made. If you select a competitive niche with tons of buyers the process of making money is definitely going to be hard, however if you carve yourself out a slice of this niche you know you will make money.  Compare this to a nonexistent, uncompetitive niche. Most of the time when you start you will have no idea if there is any money at all to be made.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, start where you know the money is and then look for areas that aren’t as competitive.

    I know some of you don’t care; you just want to pick an easy niche with easy profits. But let me put this to you, I think that there are no easy niches. Any niche with lots of money in it is competitive. If there is not a lot of competition, there is not a lot of money to be made in most cases.  I am sure there is some spectacular niche out there with good money and little competition but that is the exception, not the rule.

    In order to be a success you have to spend a lot of time creating content and building links to your site.  If I have to sit around all day building links and creating content, it damn sure better be for something I am interested in and a site I am proud of. Even if I am outsourcing parts of the content writing and link building, if the niche is not interesting to me I won’t approach it with the same passion and vigour as something I really love.

    To me it’s not just about the money. It’s about creating the best possible website on a certain topic. This includes everything from the design, site structure, the content etc. If the topic is not something I love, I am not going to put my all into it and it’s not going to be the best site within that niche. Not only that, by creating the best content on your topic you gets tons of natural links… eventually.

    With all that being said, not all niches are the same. It’s not hard to tell if there is money in a niche. If there is money in a niche there will be tons of traffic, affiliate programs and lots of competition.  I don’t want to go all Garry Vaynerchuk on you and say “Follow your passion”, because it’s really not that simple.  If your passion is knitting, I am not sure how much money you can make online from that. Maybe tons of old people buy knitting stuff online so maybe I am wrong, I haven’t looked into it. Anyway, the point is to choose a niche that is not totally obscure and has buyers, hungry buyers are even better.

    Some of the biggest niches online are as follows:

    Porn, Pills, Poker, Gambling, Casino, and Betting: These are the most competitive niches in the world. Dominated by the best black/grey hat SEO’s in the world. The biggest players make millions of dollars each year. There are affiliates making 6-figures a month in these niches.

    I have been in most of these niches before and they are definitely competitive, but they are competitive because there is a lot of money to be made. If you do your research you can still find many keywords where the competition isn’t that tough. The way I would attack these niches is by trying to find the keywords that are not so hard and get those first. Once you have those rankings, you will be making some money. I would then keep investing that money back in to my websites and then try to rank for more competitive phrases.

    Health related: Dieting, medical, cosmetics/beauty, supplements, fitness and bodybuilding, cooking/food/wine.

    Relationships:  Online dating, how meet chicks/guys etc

    Fixing yourself: Self improvement, personal development, spirituality, religion, fears/phobias, addiction, parenting, mental health/depression.

    Make money online: Teaching products, e-books, SEO/marketing tools, selling hosting etc.

    Straight affiliating: Coupons/vouchers sites, bonuses, discounts, product reviews.

    Financial: Stock trading, forex, gold/siver, credit cards, debt management, loans, personal finance, insurance, investing/real estate.

    Business: Improving your business, becoming more successful etc

    Sports:  Performance advice, professional sports analysis/sports betting, sporting goods, supplements, forums, videos.

    Computers and tech: Product reviews, gadgets, cell phones, ringtones, iPhone apps, PC’s, laptops, software etc.

    Information sites: If you can get enough traffic, you can make money from it even if the there are no products and services to sell to your audience. Common monetization methods would be Adsense or CPM networks. Good examples of this are those viral video websites like The traffic is extremely untargeted, most of the visitors are just there to waste some time and to be entertained. However, the site still has CPM adverts on each page and I am sure they make a lot of money from the site, this is simply due to the volume of traffic they have.

    Products sites:  If there is a product that is being purchased on Amazon, there is definitely some money to be made. I know someone who does 5 figures a month just with the affiliate program. There are many other niche related product affiliate programs. For example in the bodybuilding niche there are many supplement shops with affiliate programs.

    Adsense sites: You can join Google Adsense and display ads on virtually any topic. However, you need to either get a lot of traffic or display high paying ads on your site to make good money. Use the Google Adwords KW tool to figure out how much Adwords people are paying for clicks and the search volume for various terms. If there is a good search volume for KW’s in your selected niche and a high CPC on Adwords, chances are there is money to be made. All you have to do is figure out how hard the competition is and whether it’s worth your time and effort to rank.

    I know Shoemoney used to talk about following the money. He placed Adsense on his ringtone website back in the day and made a small fortune. He however found out that he could make more by going directly with the people buying the Adsense ads. Essentially he cut out the middle man (Google) to make more money.

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