October Report and November 2012 Affiliate Goals

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    October was a fairly successful month and opened up some new opportunities for me. I sold one of the biggest sites in my network, got a new theme designed and coded to my investing site and I’ve also started my first ever partnership on a new project.

    The casino whale from September also continued to earn me a healthy chunk of income last month.

    New Projects:

    I’ve got a few new projects to launch in November.  First of all I’m partnering on the development of BinaryOptions.com with someone who’s also launching his own trading platform in 2013.  I think my partner brings a huge amount of experience and quality to the table plus I might be providing marketing services for the trading platform once it’s fully launched.

    Secondly I’m planning to launch my own options trading site OptionsWinner.com next month (goes alongside OddsWinner.com) in addition to MoneyAdvisor.co.uk – a money advice, savings and comparison site. I’m planning to order 60-100 pages to begin with next month whilst getting 20 or so pages on the options trading site.

    I’ve also managed to find a really good design and coding firm to handle my projects for a reasonably cheap price, courtesy of a friend. This is another example of how networking and doing favors for other people can pay off.

    In terms of my consulting business, I’ve decided to keep improving and diversifying my own skill sets in addition to finding people to outsource those skills at a cost-effective manner so that I can offer them through my consultancy at a reasonable price.  For example, if I can begin to outsource a successful social media campaign for my own sites than I can then offer those services to clients too.

    Going Barcelona for Friend’s Stag Party

    I’m going to Barcelona for a few days for a friend’s stay party in a couple of weeks to blow off some steam.  It’ll then be a long grind until the holiday season and New Year.

    It amazes me how fast the last 12 months have gone by when I think about it.  There’s been so many Google updates, changes to my business strategy and websites launched that my network is practically unrecognizable to what it was 12 months ago.  I think my 6 of my biggest projects nowadays are barely even 6 months old.  12 months ago I was still blogging at UKPokerAffiliate.com and bought my Macbook Pro, which I still maintain has been one of my best investments.

    Anyway that’s all for November.  I’ve written down some small goals that I want to get done by the end of 2012:

    • Launch BinaryOptions.com with new design and content
    • Launch OptionsWinner.com with 50 pages
    • Launch MoneyAdvisor.co.uk with 100+ pages
    • Run social media campaigns for Graduates.co.uk and StudentMoney.co.uk
    • Add 50 pages to OddsWinner.com
    • De-penalize at least one site!
    • Get a new design on my business site ARGMedia.co.uk + business card
    • De-index two penalized sites then re-launch on a new domains
    • Remove the majority of low quality links across my sites and go more white hat

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