October Recap and November Business Goals 2013

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    October was an OK month, I’m working harder now then ever before; recently I’ve started working until about 9pm-10pm at night, which is really starting to strain my eyes.  I’ve been reading Bill Clinton’s biography alongside work, which hasn’t particularly helped.

    I’ve also just moved to a new house in Charlton, which I’m sharing with a few friends.  It’s not going to have Internet for the next few weeks so I think I’m going to have to start looking for offices or places to work.

    Anyway, here’s an outline of what I did in October:

    • Produced infographic for main investing website that received a good amount of natural pickup and links from authority finance sites.
    • Added a good amount of pages (and received expert external contributions) for investing and graduates website.
    • Set up an infographics agency on Searchable.co.uk and had a PPC lesson to prepare for next month (also registered InfographicDesigner.net).
    • Registered CreateyourApp.co.uk and GadgetInsurance.co for white label businesses.

    November Goals

    November’s going to be a murky month: depending on how quickly I get settled and how soon we can get Internet.

    My main goals for November are:

    • Build up graduates website with more content, pages and sections
    • Possibly develop out the job listings section
    • Launch another PR in gambling based around a white paper/PR/infographic
    • Improve SEO on investing website, possibly add my own section on buying domains
    • Install email opt-ins on two sites
    • Publish a trading eBook for trading site
    • Launch new infographics agency and aim to pick up 1 or 2 clients

    November’s also when Nominet will announce whether to launch .uk at the 2nd level, which should be quite interesting.  I think if I get the rights to the UK domains then I’ll be looking to sell BuyGold.uk and Investing.uk.

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