October Goals and September Update

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    September was a pretty poor month for me.  This was down to a number of reasons.

    First of all it was a really bad revenue share month (I had one site with $15k in deposits and zero income, with 3 other casino sites picking up 10 rmps and no income), my 301 didn’t pass any traffic at all, and my spreads.org.uk site is still dancing around like a drunk 50 year old on the dance floor in the search engines.

    After more than 5 weeks of performing a 301, from iPhoneBetting.org to MobileBetting.net, only around 20% of actual traffic has passed through.

    I don’t think anyone can explain why this didn’t work. It just goes to show that Google isn’t perfect.  I know the new domain wasn’t penalised because it was still ranking 1st for one or two phrases, however for hundreds of other uncompetitive keywords (where I used to rank 1th-5th) I didn’t even appear on the first 6 pages.

    Bear in mind that this loss in traffic is still after I added around 15 new pages at the new domain and invested some money in SEO.

    My conclusion to anyone reading this is to not perform a 301 re-direct to a new domain unless it’s absolutely necessary.  I’ve read on other forums that they’ve been cases where people with authoritative websites who did this still haven’t regained their traffic after a year.  I also wanted to buy a custom-made shirt that says “Matt Cutts is a Liar” on the front!

    I undid my 301 re-direct a few days ago and I’m basically going to be building MobileBetting.net from scratch.

    Anyway, I’m hoping that everything will balance out from September and I’m moving forward into October…

    October Affiliate Goals

    I’m going on a business trip again to India/Hong Kong and China later this month so I’m trying to get a couple new sites uploaded with content and SEO’d as quickly as possible.

    I want to get both my new eBookReaders.co.uk website and Snoods.org up and ranking by Christmas.  There’s probably going to be a huge surge in traffic at this time, which gives me around 3 months to get everything sorted.

    My plan this month is to get Snoods.org ranking top 3 for a number of keywords (and install a new theme with content and affiliate links), while I want to get my ebook site up to the 2nd page on Google UK during October.  I’ll hopefully then aim to get it on 1st page by November and top 3 by Christmas.

    My other goals are to keep building my MobileGambling.net site out whilst sorting out iPhoneBetting.org and MobileBetting.net individually. I’m also going to be going back to my old spread betting site to try some things out on it.



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