November Affiliate Recap and December 2011 Goals

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    November was a very busy month for me;  I re-invested a lot of money into a handful of my sites, made a good chunk of income and picked up/developed some new projects.

    It’s actually hard for me to write down everything that I’ve done in November, so I’ll just going to put it into bullet points:

    November Affiliate Recap:

    • Sold another 3-month ad deal and made record monthly income
    • Increased traffic, inserted table/CTAs and made first sales on
    • Tripled traffic and my made first handful of sales on
    • Increased traffic, re-invested in SEO and added 40+ pages content on new mobile betting site.
    • Increased traffic, Added 25+ pages and made a good handful of RMPs on Bingo site
    • Increased traffic and added 20+ pages on mobile gambling site
    • Installed mobile-friendly theme on one of my sites (
    • Bought domain and built up 20 pages already
    • Bought and domains
    • Found a bunch of ex-traders, commodities brokers and spread bettors to write content for my finance sites
    • Signed up under a super Forex affiliate to give me advice and best deals in industry

    Overall, November was a pretty solid month for me.  I outsourced around 130+ articles in total, with an aim to start building much bigger sites with high quality content.

    Some of this included a bit of chopping and changing.  For example, I decided to 301 my old 25-page > since it was just sitting there and I thought it was better to recycle the content that I wrote myself.

    I also imported 20 pages of high quality slots articles (through wp importer) directly to my mobile gambling site, which I’m turning into a huge mobile slots section. I originally took these pages down from a site I sold half a year ago, and was always meaning to re-use them somehow.  I did mention in my last blog post that I was planning some chopping and changing to my network, and getting rid off or recycling my older mini-sites seem the correct way to go about things now.

    Finally, I bought a few new domains to develop in the New Year.  The first one,, is a really good domain for the Forex niche.  I’ve already got some ex-traders to add some 100 pages of very high quality to it, and the CPAs are very high, however it’ll probably be until February that it starts generating any sales.

    I registered last week (5,000+ exacts) thinking I could monetise it pretty easily.  I then contacted the owner of and decided this was a much nicer, more brandable domain to develop.  I might even be able to sell it on to a bank down the line and I got a really good price for it.   Someone told me UK banks pay £20-£50 for each sale, so I think there’s some good money to be made from developing it.  It’s also a nice opportunity to make a high quality site in the finance and student niche.

    The main reason I bought this domain is because I want to diversify into lots of niches as an affiliate, and I think the main niche areas for affiliate are: Gaming, Forex, Insurance, Mortgages, Loans, Banking and Dating.  I really had to grab the bull by the horns in terms of getting into the banking niche since most of the time you’ll have to spend $xx,xxx – $xxx,xxx to get any good domains for it.  Dave mentioned another lucrative market for affiliates (Make Money Online) and I do think I might expand this blog into a bigger affiliate resource in the future.

    I don’t know why but I also saw in an auction yesterday.  It was only at £50 (2 hours to go) so I decided to put in maximum bid and I found out I won it for £320.  I didn’t have any plans to develop this one, I just figured it would be a “value buy” and that I could do something with it in the future or just flip it.  I don’t know really :0

    I might even 301 and to and make it a big resource…Who Knows!  What’s your opinion on the domain or its value?

    December 2011 Affiliate Goals

    I’m going to continue doing in December where I left off last month; re-investing in my current sites with high quality content, SEO and social media stuff, whilst developing newer projects.

    I’ve got this, which I might develop and get it ranking for the Euros next summer.  I can set aside $2k-$3k for developing it but I just don’t know how much it will make in the end.

    With my team of spread bettors and ex-traders I’m going to add a few dozen pages to my spread betting and Forex sites.  I’m also starting to launch so that it’s ready for the Spring/Summer time, and I’ll add a few pages to to get it going.

    With regards to income goals, I don’t really want to report these on my blog anymore.  The main reason is that my income has been so volatile lately that it’s impossible to put an exact goal on, and I don’t want to be putting up goals that I either obliterate or fail to meet.  Right now I think it would make more sense to write down 3-month income goals, since that would limit most of the variance, but then again I don’t feel comfortable making 3-month plans.

    I think right now monthly income is pretty insignificant – what’s more important is the development of sites and increasing sign-ups and generating customers across the board.  That’s the only really true measure of growth for a network.  At the end of the day, I could pick up one player who earns me $10k in a month, or another that puts me in a negative balance of $10k.


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