November Affiliate Goals

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    Back from Hong Kong and China

    I came back from Hong Kong today.

    The business trip was very interesting and successful.  I went out there as an assistant buyer for my dad’s family business (big UK importer and distributor of kitchen/housewares) with my brother and we visited the Hong Kong mega-show and Canton Fair Import/Export Fair in Gangzhou, China.

    We were tasked with meeting our regular factory suppliers and trading companies, some of who were based in ShenZhen and Hong Kong, who we import our products from, along with sourcing new product lines including cutlery and kitchen housewares.  I think we made a couple 100k orders, and I personally managed to find some cheaper factories and qutoes for an MOQ of 10,000 dozen cutlery sets. If any of you happen to know what a Global knife is, we are the exclusive suppliersin the UK, so that gives you some idea of our business.  The trip was pretty awesome in so far as we got a free upgrade on the way out there, and we were taken out to Michelin star restaurants in Hong Kong practically every night by our suppliers!

    Overall, it was an exciting trip and a great business experience for me. I am extremely tired though, as we were literally working from 8am to 9 pm every night without a single day’s rest.  Managed to read Lord Sugar’s autobiography in some of my spare time which was extremely interesting and I definitely recommend buying, and “Accidental Billionnaires, a book about the Facebook story too (pretty crap in my opinion).

    October Goals Recap

    October has been a record month for me, and I made well over my $1k revenue which I’m extremely happy with.

    Since I only had 2 weeks free in October, I decided to start a quick iphone betting mini-site at and try to get it ranking before I went to china.

    The results were ok.  Generally, I consider any website that I make a success after I get a first real-money depositor. Bear in mind that I made this website and seo’d it in under 2 weeks from registering the domain,  I’m happy that it picked up 4 depositing players in the last 2 weeks I was away.  Just goes to show how easy and quick it is to make money in this business really.  Unfortunately, I didn’t quite get the site ranking at the top of the serps and only got it to 3rd.  To make it worse, I decided to promote bet365 on the homepage because I couldn’t work out how to make a unique affiliate link for betfair.  This is the first time I’ve ever promoted bet365, and I’m now in £-50 balance which isn’t exactly great.  I’ve never had a negative balance in my accounts before but hopefully my betting junkies will lose their money and get me some profits.

    In October I also ended up spending a ridiculous amount of domains, almost $200 I think.  I guess that is one of the addictive sicknesses that comes in this business, but overall I don’t really regret buying any of them.  I reg’d and just as a gimmick in case I wanted to develop them in the future.  The other domains I registered were much better but I don’t really want to share.  I’ll let you know when I turn them into websites though.

    November Affiliate Goals

    My affliate aim for Novemeber is $1200 in revenue.

    I want to seriously spend time on developing my Poker Bankroll site and get it ranking in the serps.  I love this domain and want it to be another main poker site.  I aim to add 15+ pages to it but do a lot of work on the seo side of things.

    In concatenation with developing a poker site, I will always aim to work on 2 sites simultaneously each month in different verticals to keep me occupied and productive.  I’ll be working on my Greyhounds Betting and aiming to get it ranking somewhere in the serps too.  One of the joys of making new sites like these is that I end up learning an awful lot about new sports and games, just like when I made my Craps site.

    Long Term Affiliate Revenue Goals

    I realised I never really posted what my actual affiliate goals are in the long term.

    Basically, I only properly committed full time to my affiliate sites after I graduated from university in July.  Back then, I stated that my aim for those 12 months was to get to $1,000/month revenue.  I managed to break this figure within just a couple of months however, so my ideas had changed.

    I’ll say this now.  The average graduate job in the UK pays around £25k for a good one ($35k).  Considering this, I think if I was making $3k/month by the end of June/July than I’d be extremely happy with myself, as this would basically mean I’d be making the same salary as a graduate through passive income!!

    I also saw a really nice $400 black Armani watch when I was in Hong Kong.  Looks similar to this one here:,255,255%26wid%3D327%26qlt%3D90,0%26layer%3Dcomp%26op_sharpen%3D0%26resMode%3Dbicub%26op_usm%3D0.7,1.0,0.5,0%26fmt%3Djpeg&imgrefurl=,r:8,s:48&tx=61&ty=106.  I was very tempted to buy this, but figured I’d wait a few months when I can treat myself to keep me motivated!

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