November 2012 Goals Recap

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    November was a slow month for me.  If anything it was a month of networking and making more contacts as opposed to business growth.

    First of all, I started using Twitter for my main sites and started a personal account, which is all going really well so far.  The last article I wrote on the EMD update for example got 8 tweets and a few re-tweets.  I also tried submitting to but it got taken down, which sucks.

    I’ve got in touch with some very useful contacts in the student/education industry, where hopefully we can share some ideas and work together going forward.  There’s a community site called, which looks like I might be able to get in touch with other young entrepreneur based in London and even potentially offer some of my consultancy services.

    I also had a really nice convo with some link-audit experts who provide link-removal and audit services to various agencies.  I’m really tempted to use him for a couple of my sites as they come highly recommended and use all sorts of tools to find low quality links and get them automatically removed.

    Business-wide it was an OK month.  My AM emailed me to tell me that my casino whale deposited another $17,000, other than that not much happened.  I launched, re-launched one of my penalized site on, manually installed WP on my VPS at, and I’ve started ordering a lot of gap year content for (Oh ye forgot to mention it had a spam-action penalty preventing it from getting indexed which got revoked).  I also registered a couple of really nice domains for the binary options market: and, plus took advantage of the 50% cyber Monday discount deal for for 5 of my sites.  EDIT: Forgot to mention I also bought for around $400.  I have no plans to develop it but just think it’s a nice domain to own.  Who knows, I might want to do something with in 1-2 years.

    I submitted my first ever Youmoz post on, however it takes around 3 weeks before its reviewed and published so I can’t link to it yet.

    The new theme for is practically finished but just needs switching over to the new site with a few things changed here or there.   It’s been quite hectic replying to all the AMs emails to get ready as we launch the site.

    I also noticed that, the site which my friend Sam was working on over in Gibraltar for the last 12 months (owned by has launched. To be honest it doesn’t look that impressive but he said they had over 10,000 registered users in the first week.

    That’s all for now.  I’m working really hard trying to get everything finished off for Christmas and the New Year, as well as remove some links to my sites and get the passive income stream of my business going again.

    I’ll probably post some more goals for 2013 later this month.

    Personal Fitness Goals

    I joined the gym last October to try and get as fit as possible.  I’ve literally done no regular exercise in the last 5 years and it was starting to show. I’m already seeing huge results after hitting the gym 3-4 times per week and doing a 1 hr routine of cross-trainer/cycling/rowing and treadmill of intense cardio.  Next week I plan to start trying interval training as you can achieve better results in a shorter space of time.


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