New Potential Project?

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    New Potential Project?

    The other day I came with this cool idea for a new affiliate or retail site.

    Snoods or “Snood” is a type of neck tube scarf that has steadily become more popular in the UK market.

    The term “snood” has been around for decades, but it has recently become very popular in football and on TV where a number of Premier League stars such as Carlos Tevez (Man City), Samir Nasri (Arsenal), Yaya Toure, Pepe Reina (Liverpool), Ashley Young (Aston Villa) have worn them in football matches giving them massive publicity and promotion.

    To be frank, the term “snoods” isn’t well known around the rest of the world, having already asked a couple of people on Skype who have no idea what it means.

    But, Google keywords data doesn’t lie much and the popularity of snoods in the UK has been increasing every day (now sold by many shops, retailers and features in the news/media).  If it became much more popular than it might become an every day term or item just like “scarf”.

    Snoods – Google Keywords Data per Month

    • [Snoods] – 6,600
    • [Football Snood] – 1,000
    • [Snood] – 75,000
    • [How to Wear a Snood] – 590
    • [Snoods for Women] – 1,000
    • [Snood Scarf] – 3,600
    • [Snoods for Men] – 880

    As you can see, Snoods are starting to get some traction in the fashion industry and this might also increase.  The domain I registered this week,, seems to be quite a catch!

    Examples of Retailers Selling Snoods & Snoods in News


    Should I Start a New Website?

    My plan for this website would be to turn it into an online store and find a affiliate merchant or retailer that is currently selling a variety of snoods.

    If it came down to it, I could just put up a simple 10-page site with a few links and display the using the Amazon affiliate widgets on the homepage.  Using the Amazon affiliate model I could make a 5% (or whatever it is) commission on any products that I sell.

    With regards to working out how much money I could make with this site, I’ve basically felt that if I could sell 500 snoods per month (at an average of £10 each) than would be around £5,000 of sales.  If you take 5% of that figure than it leaves £250 ($400) per month.

    OK, I know that £250 per month this isn’t a huge amount but this is a base figure for something that might become a lot more popular one day.

    It would also be extremely little work just to stick up a few pages, point some links to the homepage, and promote Amazon products on it.  The whole process could take me less than a week to complete!

    Anyway, just thought that I would share with you this idea…

    OMFG! It’s a Dog Snood!

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