New Potential Project and Tips for Growing an Affiliate Network

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    As a growing affiliate, I’m constantly looking out for new ideas, domains or markets to develop sites in.

    That’s probably one of the issues with being an affiliate – you can never just sit still and work on a single project for the rest of your life.  You’re constantly looking elsewhere for new ideas and “the next big thing”.

    New Potential Affiliate Project?

    Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.  In the UK, mobile recycling (cashing in or trading your old mobile phone for money) has become a fairly big market.

    Even though I’ve already got enough on my plate, I saw was available in for $200 (I personally think this is worth at least $1,000).  I decided to buy it since I think it’s a VERY nice exact-match domain, plus its short, brandable and a good idea for a mobile phone recycling comparison site.

    Just to give you some quick figures: “mobile recycling” gets 6,600 exacts per month, “mobile phone recycling” gets 18,000 per month, “phone recycling’ gets 12,000 and “mobile phone recycling comparison” gets 3,6000.  As you can see, it’s a popular niche. It gets £2.35 ($3+) CPC, which means it could easily be monetized and there’s a ton of companies which have paid for ads on this search. Most of the mobile phone recycle companies such as also pay £1-£3 per referred customer with a 30-day cookie.  Even Tesco has launched a mobile recycling phone shop.

    Roughly speaking, this means the project has potential earnings of $500+ per month if done correctly.

    Building a Network of Affiliate Sites

    The issue I have is that I want to keep re-investing in my sites and growing my affiliate network, but choosing between starting a new site and re-investing in bigger sites is really difficult.

    For example, what’s the optimum number of sites to have?  Should I focus my efforts on just a few sites, or should I diversify and build killer authority sites in different niches?

    I’ve tried adopting a new strategy where I’ll only develop new projects that have the potential to make me $1,000+ per month (hence why I’ve avoided building smaller, EMD sites).  But then I’ll come across lucrative niches where I can make an easy $500/month here or there, with a really nice domain (as I mentioned above), so then again I don’t know.

    Another issues I have is when should you decide to sell a site?  For me, getting 10-20 months income for an affiliate site just seems pointless, unless I can re-invest all of that into something making me an equal amount of money.  I’ve spent a lot of time and effort writing content or doing SEO for my sites, so the idea that I should sell something that has been successfully making $1k/month for the last year and then sell it for $15k seems pointless.

    I also like the control of hanging onto these sites, using them for leverage with operators, negotiating 3-month advertising deals, and using them to link to my bigger sites.  I actually think I’ve made more money hanging on to my older sites as part of bulk advertising deals then if I were to sell them off individually.

    Conclusion on Developing More and More Sites as an Affiliate

    I haven’t really reached a conclusion yet.  I enjoy readily entering new niches and developing new projects such as, or potentially  I also bought for £5, which I might develop into a free Internet security site.

    Overall, while I try not to spread myself too thinly, I don’t see the point in saying no to a project that has lots of potential and is good value for me.  I’ve also got my eyes on a few other projects which I think are a really good deal.  The few sites I’ve sold in the past (and planning to sell right now) are merely ones that I’ve lost interest in and don’t see too much future potential in.


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