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    Hey everyone, I wanted to make a quick update that I’m moving my blog from to a new domain at  What better way to start 2012 heh?

    My goal in 2012 is to expand and SEO my affiliate blog, and turn it into a brandable affiliate resource for beginners, whilst also keeping an SEO blog, affiliate product/program reviews, and monthly updates/goals for my network.  In other words, the same as before but with some new stuff to monetise and help build traffic to it.

    My Plan for

    I know regularl readers will probably get pissed off seeing me try and monetise my blog and put advertising all over it etc…

    So to keep it interesting for readers, I’m also going to be very open about my strategy for and let you know how much revenue I make from it, which parts of the site convert well, and my monthly plans and traffic for the site.  Overall it should make it an interesting project for people to follow, watching me try and monetise an affiliate training resource.

    Why Make an Affiliate Marketing Site?

    My main reason for building this site is that the “make money online” affiliate niche is extremely profitable and another market for me to diversify into.  Also, since I make a lot of my monthly income from exact-match domain websites, it’s going to be nice to have a core brand at the centre of my network.

    There are lots of other “make money online” blogs that make a HUGE amount of money.  Pat from, for example, makes more then $20k/month from his affiliate marketing blog and email list, while other bloggers that I love to follow such as and are making similar amounts.

    The other reason for developing this site is that I love writing here, both writing down my monthly goals and discussing SEO.  Since I’ve not really made any money from my old blog, I decided I needed to try and build it up, increase traffic and monetise it to make it worth my time.  I’ve already written more then 70 pages at so I think it’s time to get a little bit more serious with this site.

    I think I might also add as the main contact details for all my affiliate sites to help channel communication flows, deal with AMs and improve SEO from my sites’ contact pages.

    Choosing the Domain:

    I obviously had to choose a new domain to move the site to since I don’t even make money in poker anymore and I want to reach traffic and visitors beyond poker. My income is also spread across a number of markets so I needed something more generic, plus I’m not sure if I’d have been able to install adsense on my previous domain.

    I didn’t want to spend anything on a domain for this site since I didn’t now how long it will be before I made any money with it, hence I’m happy I registered my current domain for free.  Of course, I could have gone something even more brandable like but I really wanted to keep the “affiliate” keyword in the domain for SEO purposes.

    I checked with a bunch of my Skype contacts before I registered it and 5/6 said they liked this domain so that was good enough for me.  It’s short, keyword rich and brandable, which all helps a lot.

    My Plan for the Site

    My plan for is basically going to be split into 3-4 sections.

    1.    My Blog: I’m going to continue blogging here with my affiliate goals, interviews, guest posts and opinions carrying just like on

    2.    SEO Blog: As well as writing articles about SEO and updates, I’m also going to upload some “beginner SEO” articles on the site for complete newbie’s.  Obviously these will be redundant for most people but I need to at least be providing rudimentary articles that cover all types of visitors from advanced to complete beginners.

    3.    Affiliate/SEO Tools and Reviews: I’ll try and write the occasional review for helpful tools that I use and recommend.

    4.    Affiliate Guide: I’m going to try to put together all my past articles and turn it into a comprehensive affiliate guide for beginners, with an introduction into the basics of affiliate marketing, potential strategies, markets and other stuff.

    5.    Affiliate Programs and Analysis for Different Markets: This is probably the most important section of the site. Since I work in a number of markets, I’m going to provide articles specific to each niche such as binary options, forex, spread betting, bingo, sports betting, casinos, retail etc.  I’ll probably create categories for different affiliate niches, with articles on things such as conversion rates, revenue vs. CPA, top 5 affiliate operators for each market etc…

    In terms of short-term aims, my plan is to come up with around 10-20 article topics for the site, increase traffic from 30/day up to 100/day by the end of February, and start adding some social media campaigns to the site.  I’ll try and come up with an eBook for this site in the medium-term.

    If anyone reading this has any ideas for topics on this site  then leave a comment or hit me up on Skype.



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