May Review: Diversification Time!

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    Diversifying Outside Gambling

    After seeing the US gambling industry crumble to the ground in a matter of just a few weeks, I finally kicked my ass into gear and have started diversifying outside gambling for real.

    There are three reasons that I wanted to diversify outside gambling, a) because it’s unstable in the US anyway (making up around 30%-40% of .com English speaking traffic), b) because it’s extremely competitive and c) because I want to be to be able tell people I do more than just “promote gambling”.

    I’ve seen what others around me have managed to do with their affiliate skills, making large user-friendly sites that have generated thousands of dollars of income through adsense.  This is one of the aims I would have in the future – not relying on affiliate programs or ranking for brand keywords to make money.


    New Projects and Websites

    I’ve been very busy with starting a few new non-gambling projects in May.

    1) I started a new FOREX and Financial Spread Betting Site –  This is a domain I’m extremely happy to have registered for nothing (thanks for inspiring me James).  The extension makes it perfect for the spread betting niche where 90%+ of traffic comes from the UK.  “” is currently for sale in auction for a MIN of $2k whilst has a BIN of £3.5k ($5k+).

    That’s why I think was such good value for money.  Asides from just being a single word exact match domain, it will also help tremendously for ranking for the top UK spread betting firms including ProSpreads, Capital Spreads, Tradefair Spreads, SpreadCo, FinSpreads and more.

    Unlike previous websites, I plan to monetise 90% through adsense.  The high CPC for the spread betting/Forex niche combined with the fact that adsense allows me to make a less spammy affiliate site is why I’m doing this.  Of course, I’ll still aim to drive traffic to my review and broker pages where I’ll be using affiliate links.

    I’ve had a HUGE head start on this site because I actually previously made two small 20 page sites at and which I never SEO’d.  I just 301’d both of these sites to which has given me 40 pages instantly.  I also bought a site for $40 around 6 months ago which I took down and I’m going to re-use the content.  So, that’s 50 excellent pages on my new site without any time or investment.  I still have my other spread betting site ( which I’m going to try and de-penalise from an auto-penalty.  Once this is done I might 301 this too to my site, giving me a massive authority Forex site.

    2) I recently bought a premium PR3 website in the Gold niche,  There’s a lot of work to be done on this site, but suffice to say I think I can make a huge amount of money.

    One of the things that inspired me to buy this site was James post about building sites on value.  I honestly think this the most important and best article about SEO and affiliating for someone at my stage.  In short, it promotes building sites that have inherent value in themselves, for example on a premium domain and with excellent content.  That’s why I was far more motivated to invest in an authority PR3 site like which is already making money rather than build a dodgy domain such as up from scratch.

    3) I bought a niche smoking domain off Prop the other week –  I’m going to try and find a suitable smoking website at Flippa that is already making revenue and then 301 it to this domain.  After that’s done, I’ll slowly build more content and invest in SEO on this site.

    The great thing about domain in my opinion is that a) the .org extension suits the website; b) it should get far more natural links then a gambling site, and c) it’s a website inspired to help people quit unhealthy addiction – not just promote gambling.

    I could get creative with this site and start sponsoring Smoking marathons raise money for lung cancer charities etc.  Obviously I still plan on monetising it through self-help guides, electronic cigarette programs, anti-smoking products, advertising or adsense.

    My Existing Gambling Websites

    Although I’m diversifying, I’m still going to be working on a number of my sites in the gambling industry.  Last month I passed my $3k income goal and hit $3.7k, so this part of my network is still growing. However, I’ve started trying to add more uniqueness, authority and quality to these sites, mainly with an updated “news” section.

    I’m going try and sell off a couple of my gambling websites in order to fund my diversification projects.  But I also feel I’m being spread too thinly which is why I want to trim down my network.  I’m going to try and sell and either or (check my sales thread on PAL here).

    Finally, I also registered a new domain(s) and  I had an 8 month old, 30 page website which I was trying to sell for $400. Instead, I’ve just 301’d the content to  Although this is a mini-site (against my plans), I think I can get this ranking for its keywords in a matter of a month and make $500+/month pretty easily.


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