May Affiliate Recap and June Goals 2013

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    Lack of Improvement from SEO Updates and More Blackhat Competition

    May was another slightly disappointing month for me personally.  A combination of my gaming affiliate commissions decreasing and a lack of recovery for anyone from the last Penguin update were a bit depressing.

    Right now it’s just a depressing SEO industry.  The mid-level affiliates seem to be squeezed out by either big brands or one-page, disposable blackhat SEO websites (just search for “online casinos” if you don’t believe me).

    Good sites that were hit by Penguin or the EMD updates (and did everything they can to remove or disavow all of their unnatural links) still haven’t recovered, meanwhile spam has made it’s way to the top of the SERPs for competitive queries.

    I’ve had a few sites, where I removed or disavowed literally every single unnatural link to my site.  I still had no recoveries, despite the fact that I’d earned some authoritative natural links and had been publishing good content on a regular basis.

    EMDs seem a bit of a joke now too.  The last EMD update was now over 7 months ago and I don’t think a single site has recovered, regardless of the improvements made.  Yet I can start a brand new site on an EMD now and it ranks page one or two within a week.  Obviously the moral of the story is to not rely on Google for your main source of traffic but at the same time there are so many hypocritical things that Google does or lies about is still frustrating.  The fact that I can re-launch the same website on a new domain and have instant rankings, yet can also earn dozens of high quality links, mentions and social signals to the same website on the original domain and see no recovery is just dumb.

    Even as an SEO consultant, it’s getting to the point where I may as well go back to the old habits of buying links since it’s working so well for my competitors.  It’s infuriating seeing Matt Cutts doing weekly webmaster help videos about the most insignificant things and joking about the color of his T-shirts, where as the biggest questions go unanswered.  Apologies for ranting on my blog but it’s taken the Webmaster Spam team seven months to release the second iteration of Penguin in addition to incorporating Panda in ever flux, yet they still haven’t figured out how to stop one-page sites on five-day-old domains and web 2.0’s ranking for some of the biggest keywords.

    May Affiliate Recap

    With that rant over, I got quite a few things done in May.

    First of all, I bought two new domains, and for around £100 each.  While I bought both domains for value, I also had some ideas of how to develop them.  For example, could be a summarization of the best tabloid news stories (I was also thinking of doing something more app related), or I even thought about launching a PR website on it. is also a nice domain that goes alongside by student/graduate websites.  At 12k exact searches it would be pretty easy to stick up a website with the latest ranking tables such as this one from the Guardian which was just launched.

    Secondly, I managed to hire another few writers for my financial trading website and have two news articles per day now.  I’m working on getting videos created next month, hired an external SEO/marketing guru plus we’re planning to install a forum soon.  Overall, I want to turn it into a more “sticky” site that is a better community resource for traders.  I’m also seeing more value from having a sticky brand site that captures user email addresses, information or gives you expanded reach for promoting new articles (the same is true for a large Facebook page reach).

    I also expanded with some new sections, an eBook (due to be installed on the site to collect opt-ins this week) and some new connections and outreach.  I’m increasingly looking towards Facebook, PR and conducting interviews with careers experts as a natural traffic source for this website.  I thought of tons of new ways to really get this site going, especially in the media (I already did an interview with a woman from The Times about young entrepreneurism in the UK).  I’ve also written down in my six-month goals on my laptop that I’m aiming to create some sort of jobs/postgraduate course database for this website which would be a great monetization strategy.

    Lastly, I did quite a bit of work improving the SEO and blog of my SEO website last month.  I managed to do a number of interviews and outreach for the website plus added some unique, interesting content such as:

    Each of the articles I’ve written for that SEO blog seem to increase the traffic quite a bit, so hopefully if I can keep up the pace I’ll be able to start getting more reach, social signals and promotion from it.

    P.S I managed to hook my friend Sam up with a pretty good job in the industry last month.  I felt quite good about that!

    June Affiliate Goals

    It’s getting increasingly more difficult having “goals” that I write down at the beginning of the month and then complete them. I often get so busy managing workers (and getting stuff completed based on their own timeline), plus unexpected opportunities always arise here and there that I have no control over.

    For example, one of my clients are now doing really well  (I don’t want to mention the niche but they’re already one of the biggest sites in their industry).  They hired a new employee a few months ago and are now looking to hire another one too.  The point of the story is that they’re looking to pay me on an ongoing basis for SEO and marketing consultancy services: it’s just coincidence really.

    I’ve got another 50 pages planned for my graduate careers website, plus I’m focusing much more on content development strategies focused on users and Facebook outreach rather then getting content uploaded for the sake of search engines.  I think this is the key change in how I run my websites going forward.  I’d rather write one excellent, opinionated article per week (which I can do PR and journalism outreach for) then have a boring daily blog.

    I’ve also got plans to run a PR campaign for my financial trading website plus improve the existing media deals that we offer advertisers.

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