May Affiliate Goals

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    I did a re-calculation of my year’s accounts and it turns out I have another $1500 in left over profits.  This means I have quite a bit of money in re-invest for May in terms of content + SEO.  The skill really is about how to invest this money smartly, with the least risk and make the maximum rewards.

    Mobile Casino Site

    My main priority is to get this mobile mini-site finished including all content, reviews, CTAs and SEO.  Ideally I’d like to build traffic up to 500/month by the end of May and hope to see at least a few CPAs.

    Poker Bankroll Site

    I’ve slowed down on working on this site since the Friday Blackout situation.  Although I’m going to keep investing a little bit in SEO and add a couple pages of content, I’m not setting any goals.

    New Slots Site

    I plan to finish off content on my online slots site.  This site already has around 15 pages added to it and I’ve ordered another 15 slots games reviews.  I’d like to see around 300/month traffic by the end of the month and get onto the first page of for primary keywords.  Any real money players or CPAs would be a huge bonus.

    Instant Win Games Site

    My games site is another “problem child” in my network.  I’m still waiting for my new theme to be implemented which should help with sign ups, and ideally I’d like to see my list of players to start converting into depositors!  In either case, I’ve negotiated a CPL deal for now and I plan on re-investing all the profits back into this site.

    New Bingo Site

    Depending on how things go with my other sites and how busy I get I’m going to try to get some pages together on and maybe do a little bit of SEO.

    I’ve placed an order for some content (using the revenue generated from my sale of an older bingo site) but I don’t want to spread myself too thinly.  I’m going to make sure my other sites are finished and I have no “small jobs” to be done before I spend time working on this.

    Snoods Site

    I still need to work out how to monetise or develop my domain (a snood is a type of women’s scarf/hairnet for the record).  Having done some calculations I think that even if I made 500 sales per month ($10 average sale each) through Amazon’s partner affiliate program it will only generate me $200 profit at most per month.  I need to escape from the gambling niche but I don’t think this is quite the site/project that’s going to make much of a difference.

    Income Goal

    I think I’d be satisfied reaching a $3k income goal this month. It’s a lot lower than last month but with the loss of CPA and other poker advertising deals I think my income will be a lot lower.  It may also be a lot higher depending on how some of my other sites get along.

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