May 2012 Affiliate Report

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    Working with a Partner and Doing some SEO Consulting

    May was a pretty strange month for me because after the Penguin update (April 24th) I’ve been in the process of changing my business strategy and getting hands on experience elsewhere.

    First of all, I’ve decided to work with a friend in his offices in London for most of the week.  This has forced me into a much better habit of waking up a 8:00 am and getting into a working regime.  It’s also getting me out the house, and with a few small jobs, should provide much more experience on my CV.

    I’m doing some external consulting for a start-up business in London, which is also a pretty fun and a great experience for me.  It’ll be a combination of training and a rolling monthly advisory role.  Overall I feel these two jobs are great insurance plus I’ll make some good contacts whilst I continue to run my own business.  If anyone reading my blog wants some one-on-one SEO or business advice (e.g. valuing domains, negotiating deals, picking a good niche) then I’d also be happy to do some consulting for a low price, just to make my work routine a bit more interesting.

    Changing Business Strategy After Penguin

    While I think I’ve worked out what Penguin is and how it penalizes sites, going forward I feel I need to use a very different business model which isn’t dependant on keyword rankings or 100% search traffic.

    While I’m waiting for a couple of my sites to recover from Penguin this month, I’ve been selling off parts of my network (e.g. and some smaller gambling sites) which I can then re-invest in bigger content and social media brand sites.

    I recently bought, which I plan to turn into a huge content site for investing in commodities (gold, silver, oil), Forex, stocks, bonds, shares and property.  I’m also going to be developing and (among others) into big content sites with quality information.

    Overall I’m moving away from the gambling niche into finance, where I think it’s easier to add value.  I’m still keeping a few sites in the gambling niche (especially sports betting, which I find interesting) to fund these ventures.

    My business strategy now is to build different types of sites ranging from short-term money makers to long term brands.  I’ll be investing in big, content and brand type sites in the long term (based on a CPC/CPM model) with emails lists and brand building, medium sized affiliate sites in the medium term (e.g. and and then smaller sites with low costs which pick up a little bit of income each month.

    Anything that isn’t making me money, I’m essentially selling.  I don’t have room for stagnant sites in my network anymore, nor do I envisage any new projects for the next 6 months.

    Finally, I’ve decided I might just take a month’s holiday off work this summer to cool down, put myself in a better cash-flow position with passive income, and possibly even do some work for others.  I’m heading off to the Euros for a week in June and might go on holiday in August with some friends.  Also if anyone wants to buy my or domains please let me know, I’m open to offers!

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