March Affiliate Review and April 2013 Goals

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    Hey everyone!  I got back from Israel early this morning at 5am and I’m a little tired but here goes…

    March Recap

    March was a bit of a disappointing month to be honest.  I hired a writer from Elance to get started on, which I was hoping to 30-50 pages to last month, who then disappeared and never responded.

    My social media manager for one of my bigger sites is doing OK, however even though we’re building followers and fans I’m not actually seeing any traffic generation from it.  Social media is really starting to look like a traffic retention and loyalty strategy rather then traffic generation in my opinion.  I’ve seen my clients use Facebook to great effect, however that’s only because they post free stuff and offers which gets 1,000s of FB likes (the other stuff they promote gets virtually zero engagement).

    New eBook and Tools

    I released my first professional eBook this month and did some PRs for it too. We got around 150 opt-ins in March, which I’m happy with.  I also got an article published on, which you can read here, plus I had some very useful tools coded to one of my student sites, which is getting some great links from Universities, student unions and forums.

    I also picked up a big SEO client with a turnover of $x,xxx,xxx last month so I’m looking forward to working with them since it’s nice to add a big client to my portfolio.  I’ve also been considering offering additional services such as PR, content writing and SEO audits on my consultancy website  I’m not actively looking for long-term clients but if I could earned a few hundred bucks doing some remote work, consultancy and SEO audits here and there then I’d be happy with that.

    The main reason the month was a disappointment is because I’m becoming disillusioned with one of the industries I work in (binary options).  The industry is completely filled with spam (more then payday loans) and even if we do get traffic to our site, the market is so unregulated at the moment that either operators 1) skim our traffic, 2) don’t pay us, or 3) at the very least charge us ridiculous fees for making withdrawals.  I also keep getting invoices with “invalid” CPAs or CPLs missing, which are removed from our income with no reason given.

    Honestly the binary options industry is pure scum and I’d avoid it like the plague if I could.  Even 24Option, one of the largest brokers, took two months to send us our payment after I chased them up every day for over a month.  All of the brokers are just new Israeli companies using the cheap Tech Financial white label and basically have a model of making money quickly and cheaply before they disappear.   Not to mention 90% of the brokers are based and operated in Cyprus, so I’m guessing that’s going to affect our business with the bank depositors situation.

    I also did some research about my business accounts and learned the difference between capital costs, expenses, capital allowances, entrepreneurs relief  AIAs and how all of that affects my tax liabilities.  Overall, I just learned a ton of stuff I’d never even heard of before, which will have a weighting on my business decisions going forward.

    Golf course in Israel.

    Golf course in Israel.

    April – New Plans: One New Project/Partnership

    The good news about April is that I’m starting a new project with a friend, which I’m very excited about.  It’s not going to be reliant on Google for its traffic and revenues but I just want to get the site installed and running before I give more information about it here.

    Next, I’m also planning to get a new theme, layout and content for my graduates and careers website.  I’m adding guides on post-graduate study, MBAs, PHDs and conversion courses, which should turn it into a really useful resource for graduates.  I already added 20-30 pages last month which worked out quite well.

    Finally, I’ve got a pending bid on a UK government owned website which ends tonight.  It’s got nothing to do with any of the industries I work in, but it’s got some great backlinks and traffic, and I’m sure I could make an ROI just by selling a few links on it.  My other plan was to build it out and monetize it using AdSense or affiliate marketing, and then flip it for 3-4x as much.  I also came close to buying another website for low $xx,xxx last month but the buyer backed out in the end.

    Anyway that’s all.


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