March Affiliate Report and April 2012 Goals

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    I know it’s not the end of March yet but I’m going away on holiday for the next 2 weeks and wanted to get this recap posted now.

    Overall, it was a bit of a disappointing month with regards to business.  Income-wise it was fine but a couple of my trading sites are taking longer to generate traffic and revenue then I expected.

    This isn’t that bad however, since I’m just building them at a slow pace and not doing anything silly with SEO.  Slowly but surely I’ll see the results, especially with great content and information.  I’ve also more then doubled my Adsense revenue on my finance sites then compared to February.

    The only new domain I bought in March was, which will make a very nice mobile recycling comparison site.  I’m already in talks with a couple operators about developing a white label on my site, which would be really cool. I hoped to conclude a deal for another new domain this month but I’m still waiting on that.  I’ll keep you updated if that ever happens, lol.

    My mobile gaming sites have been doing pretty well.  I 301’d one of my penalized domains to a new domain and it’s performing much better, plus I’ve stuck up a page on my new sports betting site help it age and get indexed. Income Update

    I didn’t do much SEO on my blog this month, so traffic numbers didn’t increase.  I’ve made around $100 this month (on top of the $100 last month), which is fine, but I’m starting to struggle with ideas about how to really monetize the site.

    On the one hand, I’m getting a really good CPC with Adsense, but I think a monetization strategy that involves Adsense would be wasteful on this blog.  I’m sure there are plenty of better ways to monetize the site when you’re providing a guide for new affiliates.  As always, I’m focusing on quality information and building traffic first, and the monetization method can come afterwards.

    I’ve also done some more guest posts on some very high traffic affiliate blogs, which have helped me pick up a bit of traffic.

    I added my email capture and free SEO ebook that I’m giving away, although I’m seeing MUCH lower conversions then I anticipated.   It’s made me more skeptical about how well my premium ebook will convert if I can’t even get people to download a free ebook!  Having said that, my aim of getting 300-500/day traffic should be completely different to the 50-70/day I’m getting right now.

    April Affiliate Goals

    Not much to say here since I’m going away for the first 2 weeks.  My main aim is to pick up some CPAs on my Forex and Binary Options sites and possibly even sell a couple of sites in my network.  Other then that, it would be nice to conclude a deal for the domain I’m after and earn a bit more money from this blog!

    General SEO Update

    I couldn’t write a monthly affiliate report without talking about the changes that with regards to Google de-indexing many of the major blog networks and submitting unnatural link building warnings to webmasters

    Truth be told, I didn’t receive one of these, but it has changed my SEO strategy going forward.

    I’m only focusing on building high quality links from now on with very diversified anchor text and a lot of brand building.  I still think these changes have increased the value of premium domains, but things like this definitely bring you back down to Earth.  I’ve seen some huge sites that must have been earning at least $xx,xxx per month lose their rankings, so it pays to be more smart then agressive.

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