March Affiliate Goals Recap

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    March was a pretty good month for me.  I hit my income goal and increased traffic to a number of my sites as well as buying a couple of new domains and websites.

    • Income Goal of $2.5k – I managed to hit $3k which is another record month for me.
    • Added 10 pages to my games site, traffic up to 1,000/month
    • Added 25 pages to my spread betting site
    • Added 10 pages to my poker bankroll site
    • Sold a bunch of pre-paid advertising slots for March and April
    • New project to think about
    • Bought 2 new sites which I’ve already seen +ROI in the same month!

    $3k Income/Month

    First things first, I managed to surpass my income goal of $2.5k and hit $3k in March.  I actually managed to sell around $500 of pre-paid advertising deals in March and picked up a few new CPAs which helped inflate my real figures.

    I have to say that although I met my income goal, I’m still disappointed that a couple of my other new sites haven’t taken off yet in terms of players not converting to CPAs.

    For example, I managed to sign up around 50 players on my games site (ironically 80% of these were non-US signups when most of my traffic is from the US) but I think only 1 of these deposited.  It kind of makes me uncertain whether this site will be successful or not.  Although I’ve managed to secure a number of $150 CPAs that I’ll earn as soon as my players make a deposit, with a conversion rate of around 40:1 it’s not looking too good!

    I’m hoping that either some of these free games players will eventually deposit (after playing with the free £5 bonuses that casino games sites offer) or I’ll be able to increase my volume of signups to 100+ per month which will inevitably earn me at least a handful of CPAs ($500+ per month).

    Increased Content on a Number of my Sites

    I was quite pleased with increasing the content and size of my main sites since in general it’s good to invest in your “money” sites.

    That being said, I feel like I have this “mini-site” attitude in me that makes me want to stop investing in bigger sites because in reality the extra pages aren’t going to earn me greater income.With a mini-site on the other hand, I know that practically every page I add will increase my traffic and signups.

    Bought 2 New Sites

    Wasn’t ever planning on expanding my network with takeovers but the price was right and I managed to buy two PR2 sites which I sold advertising on which have already paid for themselves.

    Spread Betting Site Lost Traffic

    Bad news this month was that after adding 25 pages to my spread betting site and increasing traffic up to 1,000 per month, it got hit with some sort of filter/penalty.  All of my traffic is lost (still on 1st page for main term though).

    I’ve take down a bunch of the links that I bought this month (even though they were high quality and had mixed anchor text pointing at inner pages) and I’m just hoping that this will re-appear some time this month.  An experienced SEO consultant told me that if you increase the size of your site by 20%+ in a short space of time it can trigger a filter and lose you rankings in the short term.

    Anyway, I’m going to keep working a little on this site and make sure I de-optimise anything but I honestly don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.  Really annoying just as it was started to get traffic and traction…

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