Macbook Pro 15″ Review

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    I bought a new Macbook Pro about a month or two ago and think it’s now time to write a quick review.

    I think the most important question to ask off the bat is – is it worth the £1500 price?

    I would probably say no it isn’t.  Although I can see why people would still want to buy a Mac.  For £1500, I could buy 2 decent PC laptops or even 3 mediocre ones.  Given that the Macbook Pro doesn’t offer anything life changingly different, it’s very hard to justify such a large price tag.  (In all fairness, the 12” model was only £1,000, but as a workstation I really needed a bigger model).

    That being said, there are some big advantages to buying a Macbook Pro if you’re willing to spend the cash.

    The main thing that amazes me is just how fast, responsive and well built the Macbook Pro is.  The reason I decided to buy a Mac for the first time was because I was getting tired of PCs becoming slow and unresponsive.  Given my life experiences I know that no matter how much you spend on a PC it will just get slow and bring problems after 12-15 months.

    Even when I wiped the hard drive multiple times on my old laptop 1-2 years after buying it, it would still be slow and unresponsive.  I just can’t stand working on such machines.  It seriously took around 5 minutes from starting up my last PC laptop to get on the internet.  All the start-up programs took forever to load, then it would come up with stupid virus/error messages, then it would tell me something couldn’t load properly, etc…

    This is why I love my new Macbook.  It literally just runs as soon as you turn it on.  It takes me about 5 seconds from turning it on to browsing the Internet.  I don’t have to wait for the Macbook to connect to the wireless network or anything.  It just runs smoothly and quick.

    When I decided to buy a Macbook Pro, a lot of my friends’ said, “what’s the point” or “it’s not as compatible with programs as a PC”.  I’ve found this to be completely untrue.  I have Office, Skype, Dropbox, Firefox, Paint and all other stuff I need on my Mac.  I havn’t had any problems with compatibility.

    I also think that the extra time having a Mac is saving me (compared to the slowness of PCs) will make me money over time.  I probably wasted half an hour per day waiting for stuff to load on my PC whether it’s opening up an internet browser, browsing folders or restarting it because of crashes.  If we say that I make $100 per day and work 7 hours per day than it’s saving me maybe $7 per day.  That means after 1 month the Macbook has saved me around $150 in saved time and energy, not to forget relieving me of the amount of stress using a PC has caused.

    The Macbook isn’t perfect however.  It’s lightning fast, which I love, but there are a few things that annoy me.  For example, the minimise/maximise buttons at the top of the screen are tiny and difficult to use.  It can be a bit chaotic switching between programs on the screen, and I don’t think the file/folder navigation is as good as a PC.  It’s a little bit trickier finding stuff and there’s no “recently viewed” option like there is on a PC.

    These are pretty small things in the scheme of things however.  And there’s tons of cool stuff the Macbook Pro offers which PCs don’t; such as the capacitive multi-feature mouse pad (you can zoom in/out with your fingers, flick between programs, rotate pictures, minimise all programs, view apps and scroll up/down just like the iPhone’s touch screen).  There’s also neat short cut buttons like taking screen shots which automatically save on your desktop or being able to screen shot specific sections of your screen using your mouse.

    In conclusion, I’m pretty happy with my Macbook Pro and it’s much, much faster, responsive and better built then my previous PCs.  Even the magnetic adapter plug amazes me.

    So there you go.  Macbook Pros aren’t perfect but if you’re tired of your PC slowing down, crashing or just not working properly than buy a Mac instead.






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