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    When it comes to link building I have been around the block a few times. I know just about every little trick or tactic that exists. The following article lays bare my entire link building strategy. Bookmark it, share it, or even print it out to read on the toilet. This content is remarkable. Enjoy!

    Whenever I launch a new site there are a base set of links I aim to get. These are links that virtually anyone can get. Below are the links that I build for my homepage on every site that I launch:

    Directory Links

    When it comes to directory links there are three different types. The first type are the directories I submit to manually, the second type are directories that I submit to using automated software and the last type are niche related link directories.

    Manual submission: The three big web directories are Dmoz, Yahoo and Best of the web. I find the fee for submitting to Yahoo and Best of the web to be more than the value of the link in most cases. Unless I have an exact match domain, I usually don’t bother paying to submit. Here is a list of web directories that you can manually submit too. My advice is that it’s up to you to decide whether a link is worth the submission fee. My opinion is that you could use this money for greater effect by purchasing other link building tools/services. However, if you’re already “making bank” you might see some value in submitting.

    Automated submission: I use GSA Website Submitter to automatically submit my site to over 14’000 web directories. This is by far the best directory submission software I have ever used. Alternatively, you can use a directory submission service but I have found a lot of them to be untrustworthy and not show a good ROI on the submission price. If you plan on launching multiple websites in the coming years you will likely see a ROI on a directory submission tool like GSA Website Submitter. They have a one month subscription option for $52, you can easily sign up and submit all of your websites for that price.

    For those of you on a tight budget, you can use the DigiXMAS Directory Submitter tool. The submitter is a semi automated directory submitter that has both free and paid versions. The free version allows you to submit your site to 150 directories.

    Niche directories:  Go to Google and use the search command “YourNiche+links” or “YourNiche+directory” and manually submit to these links pages or website directories. Some sites will require you to link back to them. To get around this, create a page on your WordPress blog called “links” and place the required links on this page. Make sure the page is not linked to from any page on your site and exclude it via robots.txt

    High PR Dofollow Blog Comments

    By default, All WordPress blogs put a nofollow tag on blog comments. However, there are certain plugins that allow blog owners to change their blog comments to dofollow. I have found a variety of dofollow blog comment lists for you to use. If you do some research you will also be able to find more of these lists.

    I have been able to get links from pages that have a SEOMoz page authority score of 70 and above. These are valuable links that shouldn’t be sniffed at. Nowadays, I get one of my Filipino staff to build these links on my behalf. However, if you are starting from scratch, this is a link building method I recommend. I get my staff to use the manual poster tool in Scrapebox to speed up this process.

    High PR Forum Profile Links

    Virtually all forums on the web allow users to create a profile. Within this profile you either get a signature section or an about section where you can place your links.

    My strategy when it comes to high PR forum profile links is this:

    –       Make a short contextual post. Usually around 100 words. Spin it using The Best Spinner.

    –       Find a list of High PR forum links and make profiles on these sites, remember to include links back to your site in each profile. Alternatively, use Big Boards as your forum list.

    –       Ping your URL’s by submitting them to hundreds of RSS services using Scrapebox.

    –        Use automatic tools to send massive quantities of low quality links to each profile. More on this later!

    Remember, whenever you get any link to your site, it’s much more valuable to get a link from within a contextual post than a link that’s just sitting on its own with no surrounding text content.  I have also found that you increase the odds of a forum profile getting indexed if it has “unique” or spun content within it. Take that as you may.

    Also, forum profiles are usually deep within a sites linking structure and get relatively little link juice to them. I boost the link juice of each of my profiles by sending massive quantities of low quality links to them. My low quality link strategy is discussed in detail later.

    High PR Web Properties

    Just like forum profiles, you can create profiles on many big websites and insert your link. Some of these links are nofollow, however I still think it’s worth your time to sign up to these sites just to get the link.

    –       Facebook page

    –       Google profile

    –       Slideshare profile

    –       Twitter profile

    –       Crunchbase page

    –       Scribd profile

    –       Reddit account

    –       Linkin company page

    –       Wikipedia profile

    –       Quora profile

    –       Stumbleupn account

    –       Youtube account

    – page

    –       Stackexchange account

    –       Crunchbase page

    Similarly to high PR forum profiles, you can send low quality links to your profiles to boost up the link juice that is sent your way. Although, these domains are so strong, the profile will usually get some juice and be indexed by Google relatively quickly.

    Megafoo Links

    Along the same lines as the links mentioned above, you can get automatically generated Megafoo links for your site. You will have trouble getting these links indexed without doing anything, so it’s best to send low quality links to these pages in order to get them indexed and provide some link juice. However, because the content on each of these pages is automatically generated and not unique, it’s debatable how worthwhile these links actually are. Again, I am just telling you that you can get these links, use your own judgement.

    My Tiered Link Building Strategy

    After getting a large quantity of links using the methods mentioned above, I start to generate links on a daily basis to my homepage and other money pages on my site.

    The way I do this is by using a tiered linking strategy. What I mean by this is that I have two tiers. I have an inner tier that is mostly medium and high quality links that link to pages on my site. I then have an outer tier which is lower quality links. These lower quality links are made automatically by various link building software programs I use. I then point these low quality links to my inner tier.

    Sounds complicated? The graphic below better illustrates my point.

    Tier 2 – Low Quality Links

    I like to think of Tier 2 links as optional links. You can be successful without implementing any of my Tier 2 link building methods. That being said, each of these types of links are at least somewhat effective, however when combined together, you will definitely see results. Like most tools and services i promote, the value you get depends on how you use the tools and how often you use them.

    Profile links: I run Xrumer on a VPS server to get low quality profile links to pages that link to my site. Xrumer is an expensive piece of kit and is something that I don’t recommend beginners use. The learning curve is fairly steep, the software is expensive but if you can figure out how to get the most from the software, you will see a ROI on your investment. I would only suggest that you invest in this if you are a very serious link builder and not a newbie.

    You can blast money pages directly on your site if you want; I have seen results by doing this. However, be warned, this can cause a new site to sandbox, especially if you do not know what you’re doing and it’s the only type of links you are getting to that page. Whenever you send low quality links at a page, the risk can be negated by having a really strong backlink profile with links from high quality pages or from varying types of sources.

    Social bookmarking: I use Bookmarking Demon to get mass social bookmarking links to my website. In terms of the quality of links it produces, it’s similar to Xrumer links, very low quality but in high volume. Don’t buy this software if you are not going to use it in volume. If you just use it to create a few accounts to bookmark your own content you will not see as good results as if you scale it out massively and create a huge network of bookmarking links.

    Failing that, you can do a lot of what Bookmarking Demon does manually by using a free website called SocialMarker.

    Comment links: I also use Scrapbox on a regular basis. The key to being successful with any automated software is having a good list and having good proxies. I use private proxies and have my own private blog lists. Sorry, I can’t share those. However, if you’re looking for Scrapbox or Xrumer lists, many are available to purchase from forums like Blackhatworld. Again, the links are very low quality; I use these links to boost pages that link to my site only.

    Mass article submission: One of my favourite pieces of software is Article Marketing Robot. I use this to submit spun articles to thousands of article directories. I can incorporate Article Marketing Robot links in to tier 1, tier 2 or both.  The links generated are of a higher quality than other tier 2 links.

    I am literally running Scrapbox, Xrumer or Bookmarking Demon 24-hours a day on my VPS server. I use a VPS instead of running these programs on my PC for two reasons. 1) Privacy reasons. 2) Because my ISP will cut me off if I run these programs 24/7. The service I use for my VPS is Blackbox RDP, they allow you to run SEO programs 24/7 and you don’t have to worry about getting banned from your ISP. I highly endorse Blackbox RDP and haven’t had any problems with them. If you are looking to scale up your link building using automatic programs, this is what you need.

    Tier 1 – High and Medium Quality Links

    Guest posting on authority blogs: Depending on what type of niche you are in, Guest posting will either be marginally useful or the most effective method in your link building arsenal. If you can find authoritative domains where you can either provide good content in exchange for a link, or pay a site owner to allow you to guest post, you should see some good results from these types of links.

    Some niches for example, Gambling and Poker, there are very few blogs in which you can guest post on for free. In these cases you will either have to adopt other link building methods or open up your wallet. Whereas in niches like the Make Money Online niche and internet marketing niche, there are hundreds of blogs to guest post on.

    What makes guest posting so valuable is that these are links that not everyone can get. Whenever I launch a new site I try to get at least a few of these high quality links right at the start. Furthermore, links from within a blog post are links that I cannot see Google ever wanting to devalue (Hence the rise in popularity of blog networks), the reason for this is because this is exactly how natural organic linking occurs. IE, someone with a blog sees a piece of content they like and link to it within a post.

    In terms of domain relevancy I have found it not to be a huge factor. What I mean about this is that if you get links from high authority blogs that are outside of your niche, they will still be very valuable links. A mistake I see a lot of people make is thinking that they are only allowed to get links from sites that are topically related. This is simply not the case right now. The authority of the page/domain is much more important than the topical relevance. This could change in the future, however right now, this is how it is.

    Sites like Sponsored Reviews allow you to buy posts on other people’s blogs. Prices start from only $5 per post. Obviously this is greyer hat than other methods since Google is particularly at war with people who buy links. That being said, if you’re smart about it and do it in moderation, you should be fine.

    Both Postrunner from The Keyword Academy and Build My Rank are methods of guest posting. Each site requires you to write an article (A 150 word snippet in Build My Rank’s case) in order to get a backlink. Postrunner has a database of hundreds of blogs that you can manually submit to.  Unlike other backlink networks, you get to choose which site you post too and they have a number of highly authoritative sites that you can get a link from.

    Furthermore, I do not build tier 2 links to my guest posts. The reason for this is that the links will already be valuable and there is no need to “boost them”.

    My Article Submission and Blog Network Strategy

    Manual article and web 2.0 submission: Each day I write at least one unique article to distribute to article directories, web 2.0’s and blog networks. Nowadays, I usually get one of my staff to write these articles for me. I then get the article spun by hand using the best spinner.  After that I usually submit the original article to one of the top article directories or web 2.0 sites manually. I then submit spun versions of my article to all of the other article directories listed below:

    –       Ezine articles

    –       Hubpages

    –       Squidoo

    –       Infobarrel

    –       Go Articles

    –       Amazines

    –       Article blast

    –       Article rich

    –       Article base

    –       Ezine mark

    –       Self growth (Health related)

    –       Idea marketers

    –       Sooper articles

    –       Bukisa

    –       Snipsly

    –       Article factory

    –       Upublish

    –       Article feeder

    –       Article compilation

    –       Article world

    In case I missed any article directories or this list becomes outdated, check out this great list of article directories. Even with spun content, I have 90% accept rate from these top article directories.

    Submit to blog and article networks: I spend way over $500 a month on various article and blog networks. These networks vary in quality and price. For those of you that don’t know, these networks are private networks of sites that allow you to post an article (In many cases a spun article) to a network of many different sites in exchange for a monthly membership fee. Right now I am a member of all of the following sites.

    Blog networks

    –       Build My Rank – $59 per month.

    –       The Keyword Academy (Postrunner tool) – Free for 30 days, then $33 per month.

    –       Link Farm Evolution – Onetime payment $297

    –       Private Networks – Build your own from expired high PR domains or pay to use someone else’s. (Hint: Search on link building forums)

    Article networks

    –       Article Ranks – $39.99 to $89.99 per month.

    –       Article Marketing Robot – $97 one off payment.

    –       Unique Article Wizard – $67 per month.

    If I was to endorse any one particular network, I would endorse Build My Rank.  Build my rank is probably the highest quality network out there. They don’t accept spun content so it’s more labor intensive to get links, however the results are definitely better than a number of other networks.

    Remember, I can afford to spend this amount of money on link networks because I see a return on investment on my spending. This is because the keywords I rank for generate more than enough passive income to cover the cost of these services. I don’t test each of these sites individually anymore; all I know is that when I put in the effort to churn out a lot of content and submit to all of my networks, the search results move in my direction.

    There are a lot of people (Particularly white hat SEO’s) who hate on automated software or backlink networks like this. I see where they are coming from; they think that these low and medium quality links are not sustainable. And in some respects I agree with them, but let’s be truthful, these tactics have worked for at least the last 5 years, particularly when you combine them with getting high quality authoritative links.

    The way I see it is this, I am creating awesome quality content. If Google can’t automatically place my content up high on its own merit, then that is Google’s fault and I am going to do what it takes to put my content up there in the rankings and get that visibility. There are some niches where good content will naturally get links. However, with anything competitive, it’s up to you to build links, otherwise you will never rank anywhere. That is something Google fails to tell you and will never tell you.

    Do you know how much money you can make in a competitive niche by ranking #1 for a number of big terms each year? The answer is a lot of money. Basically, what I am saying is that it’s all about risk. All of these strategies have worked for me. I have had sites banned and penalised before and I’ve also made websites that make 5 figures a month using these methods. I have also built high quality websites that never attracted any organic links; if I left these websites to sit they would simply never make money.

    It’s possible to get good results without being a member of any blog or article network, I am not going to say that these are compulsory to join.  You can start out bootstrapping it and reinvest whatever money you make back in to getting these tools and services. My personal recommendation is that you try out a number of these networks and if you don’t see any results after a couple of months quit using them.  My method is one way to make money online; it’s not the only way but it’s pretty damn effective.

    Other Tier 1 Link Building Methods

    Create and post to free blogs: There are many website that allow you to create your own blog. Generally I submit the same spun content from my article submissions to a number of free blog websites. I then build tier 2 links to all blog sites so that I get my content indexed. Here is a list of blog sites I currently post to.


    –       Tumblr

    –       Blogger

    –       Livejournal

    –       Blogetry

    –       Insane Journal

    –       JournalFen

    –       Blogsome



    –       Bravenet blog



    You can also employ the same strategy with WordPress Multi User blogs. For those of you who don’t know, WPMU sites are sites where anyone can sign up for a WordPress blog. In order to find WPMU blogs, do a search in Google for “inurl:wp-signup.php”, this will give you a list of the signup pages of WPMU blogs. You can do this manually or use Link Farm Evolution like me. Again, I then build tier 2 links to each of my WPMU blogs in order to get them indexed and provide some kind of link value. I also use link farm evolution as a tier 2 link building method to build links to other articles and blog posts. Remember, there are lots of different ways to skin a cat.

    Free hosting websites: There are many websites that offer free webhosting. You can use these webhosts to create contextual pages that link to your own site. Most of the time I am just creating contextual pages to get extra linking root domains to my site and I build up their value by getting tier 2 links to them.

    Create your own blog network: This is something I am starting to do now, although I haven’t done it on a mass scale. So far the results have been very good but it’s not a cheap strategy to implement. What I do is use websites like DropDay and Godaddy auctions to look for newly expired domains. I use link analysis tools like Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer to evaluate the link equity of a domain. After I evaluate the strength of the domain, I attempt to purchase it. After purchasing the domain I then stick the site on a unique IP using a SEO Host and throw up a WordPress blog on the site. I then use Article Marketing Robot to post my spun content to these blogs.  What makes this strategy valuable is that these are links your competitors cannot get since it’s your site network and you own the domains.

    Press release submission: I have had some decent results doing press release distribution. You can use PR Web to do this but it’s expensive. You can do the same thing but with less distribution using Magic Submitter which I highly endorse as an all-purpose submitter.  The one thing you need be aware of with PR Web is that all press releases use the exact same content. IE you do a press release and you get 200 copies of the exact same press release. I have seen this trigger an anchor text filter before when using an anchor text rich link within a press release. To get around this, I usually use the URL as the anchor text when writing my press releases.

    Additionally I usually send tier 2 links to the list of press release links I get.

    Article Spinning

    There’s lot of debate about the effectiveness of article spinning and whether it’s really necessary in order to rank. I feel that having links from “unique” spun content is more valuable than having links from duplicate content.  I haven’t personally tested this but that is just my general gut feeling. Either way, many article sites and blog networks require you to submit “unique” spun content to them.

    The article spinning software I use is called The Best Spinner.  Each day I write a number of unique articles. These articles are either for content on my site or for link building purposes. I then place the article in The Best Spinner and manually spin it.

    I then submit the spun articles manually to the top article directories; I get a 90% plus approval rate. Your approval rate is really down to the quality of your spin. Spinning a 500 word article well will take me about 20-30 minutes to do. I spin to a 50-65% uniqueness in The Best Spinner; I have found that this level of spinning is enough to appear unique to the search engines but is not spun to a level that makes it unreadable. I never mess around with automatic spinning; you need to take the time to manually spin each article by hand, otherwise the output you get will not be very readable.

    I then distribute the articles and try to get as many tier 1 links as possible. I will submit my spun articles basically anywhere that will take them. For example I will submit too: Article marketing robot, Article Ranks, Unique Article Wizard, My Link Farm Evolution Blogs, My private blog network, my other free hosted blogs etc.

    All in all, it might take me 1-2 hours to write a unique article, spin it by hand and distribute it everywhere. The end result is me getting contextual links from thousands of properties.

    In order to get the most out of the services above you need to do a number of submissions each day. Nowadays I outsource a lot of this work but I originally did this myself on a daily basis to test that it worked. After I figured that it worked, I scaled it up via outsourcing. I now do many submits a day.

    Other Link Building Strategies

    Copy your competitor’s links: For backlink analysis I use two tools. Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO. Majestic tends to offer a more complete and accurate set of links. However, I am a bigger fan of the metrics SEOMoz uses with open site explorer for evaluating the strength of links.

    There is not much else left to be said about this strategy. I often download all of my competitor’s links in to excel documents and go through them one by one, figuring out which links I can get and which links I cannot get.

    Buy links/guest posts: I don’t do much link buying anymore; however I have done it a bunch in the past. I don’t really look at it from an ethical perspective, paid links work; I just look at it from a ROI perspective.  Nowadays, link prices seem to be heavily inflated, especially in competitive niches where everyone understands the value of a link. I would rather spend my time and money building links that are permanent, not paying a monthly leasing fee.

    As far as my sources, I’ve used Text Link Ads before, however I don’t use the site much anymore. I have also used industry related webmaster forums to buy links or have contacted webmasters directly to purchase them. If you are going to engage in this practice, NEVER send out emails using a Gmail account or send emails to someone else who’s using a Gmail account. This should be self explanatory.

    Exchange links: When it comes to reciprocal link exchanges I don’t do it much. I make sure I only do them with the biggest players in my industry. If I cannot get links from those sites I won’t bother with link exchanges. There are two reasons why I don’t do much reciprocal link building. First of all, reciprocal links are obviously partially devalued compared to one way links. Secondly, it’s not a scalable link tactic. What I mean by this is that there isn’t the scope to get thousands of links using this method. No one has a thousand long blogroll on their homepage!

    Widget bait: I have to admit that I’ve never done widget bait before, although I have seen some good examples of it. If you can create some kind of widget that people would place on their website which links back to your site, all power to you. I’d imagine you need a decent user base of traffic to even get something like this off the ground, or something incredibly viral. Because of this, I think this is something you should bear in mind for once your site already has a lot of traffic and use this as a further tactic to develop your link profile. Some ideas for different widgets include:

    –       Quizzes and polls where users can link back to your poll or display their results.

    –       A small piece of software that fulfils some kind of purpose.

    –       A badge or some kind of award.

    High quality / viral content: High quality content should be a given. I have had lots of success in getting organic links by creating content that is of a very high value to my visitors. Take for example, many of my posts are 2000 words or longer and contain significant quantities of information. Most of them aren’t designed to be viral but when you create something that is extremely remarkable people just have a tendency to click that beautiful Facebook like button.  Hopefully you’re in a niche that you are passionate about, if you’re not you will really struggle on the remarkable content front.

    When it comes to viral content, I am just simply not that clever and you don’t have to be either. There are tons of strategies like ego baiting (Where you praise, diss or interview someone) but these strategies aren’t mandatory in order to get editorial links. Creating something awesome is enough.

    Remarkable content doesn’t just have to be written content. Videos, Podcasts and info graphics are all acceptable ways to distribute your message.  I think it all depends on your DNA, I don’t profess to be an expert writer but I find it a lot easier writing articles than doing a video or presentation. If you love presenting and creating videos, do that. There is lots of traffic to be had on Youtube. You could even kill two birds with one stone by getting your videos transcribed; now you have an article to go along with your video.

    Video submission:  Talking about video marketing, many of the video websites allow you to place a link within the description of your video. So not only can you generate traffic by creating video content, you can also build links to your site that can help you rank. Definitely a win win. If you want to get in to the “video game” I would recommend that you get Magic Submitter. It allows you to submit your video to a bunch of tube video sites all at once. It also has the added feature to do press release distribution, article distribution, social bookmarking, RSS feed distribution, web 2.0 and blog distribution. It’s basically like SE Nuke but a lot cheaper. I highly endorse Magic Submitter right now. So check that out!

    Software submission: Did you know that you can get hundreds of links from turning your content in to a .PAD file and submitting it to thousands of software directories?  I use PAD Submit Worker to do this. In terms of a ROI on this software, it costs $49.95 and you most likely won’t recoup that investment from one submission. However, if you launch multiple sites and do multiple submissions you should see a return on your investment.

    The best approach to get software site links is to convert your existing e-book in to a .PAD file and then use software like PAD Submit Worker to do distribution.

    Charity links:  Many organisations and charities have links pages for people who donate to their cause. It’s possible to find many of these pages in Google by using some of the following footprints: “Please visit our sponsors” and “Thanks to the following donors”. You can switch up the footprints to find more sites. I have found a handful of good links using this method but the majority of sites I find using these footprints are trash. I have however found a number of pr5 and pr6 links which I got for only $5 each using variations of this method.

    Ask for links: In virtually every niche you will find some non profit websites, even in niches as competitive as online gambling. These non profit websites are often resource sites and are usually operated by hobbyists. To get links from these websites all you have to do is make sure your site is a high quality and linkable resource. Then just flat out ask the webmaster for a link. Being polite, courtesy and respectful always increases your odds of successfully getting a link.

    Forum posting: This is completely different to creating forum profiles and embedding a link within the about section. The forum posting strategy is simple. Find relevant forums with traffic, engage in discussion on the forum and then leave a link back to your site in the signature or within a post. The key to getting away with this tactic is to not be spammy with your posts. Really contribute and add value to the forum. Don’t just add tons of “me too” posts.

    Footer links: If you look at the footer of a WordPress blog you will often see something like this: “Theme sponsored by XXXXX”. Did you know that it’s possible to buy these links? In order to get these links you have to either create your own theme or contact theme owners and pay them to place your link at the bottom of their theme. I know for a fact that these links work but you have to be very smart about how you go about doing it. I know that getting too many of these links and not enough types of other links can lead to a penalty. That being said, if you already have a very strong site, these links can definitely help you. There is a lot of talk in the SEO industry about footer links being devalued. And frankly, I agree. These links have been devalued, but they are still working to some degree right now. My advice is not to use this as a primary link building strategy. I suggest using it to boost high authority sites that have already got a lot of age, link equity and trust. Getting these types of links will most likely sandbox/lead to a penalty on a new site.

    Website review links: Many webmaster forums have a website review section. A crafty little link building tactic is signing up to these webmaster forums and make a post asking for a review of your website. In order to find these forums search in Google using: “website review forum” or similar footprints.

    Design portal links: Have you seen those design portal websites that provide links to inspirational website designs? It’s possible to grab hundreds of links from these types of sites, providing that your design is actually inspirational. In order to get accepted to these sites you will have to have a custom design. If you’re using any kind of purchased or free WordPress theme, don’t bother submitting, you won’t get in. In order to find these design portals search Google for: “css design gallery” or similar footprints.

    Budget Link Building

    I appreciate that many of my readers are starting from scratch and do not have a large budget to invest in to link building. I recommend the following approach to you guys.

    –       Build dofollow blog links via commenting. Cost = $0.

    –       Look for authoritative blogs within your niche and offer to guest post. Cost = $0.

    –       Manually create profile links on the most authoritative websites and forums. Cost = $0

    –       Use The Best Spinner to spin articles so that you can increase the number of links you can get from writing a single article. Cost = $77 per year.

    –       Submit your spun articles to the top article directories manually. Cost = $0.

    –       Create free blogs and add your spun articles to them. Cost = $0.

    –       Use Article Marketing Robot to submit your spun articles to thousands of article sites. Cost = $97 onetime payment.

    –       Use Build My Rank to build blog post links. Cost = $59 per month.

    –       Use Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO to steal as many of your competitors links as possible. Cost = $0.


    –       Use Magic Submitter to do video distribution, press release distribution, social bookmarking, web 2.0 submission and blog post distribution. Cost = $4.95 for a 30 day trial and then $67 monthly.


    I guarantee that if you build a high quality website, select the right keywords and then build these types of links every day, you will see results within 3 months. I would be very surprised if someone did link building every day for like this for 3 months and saw no results.

    The results you get will depend on how hard you work the quality of your keyword selection and niche selection. There is no reason you can’t be earning $100-$500 a month within 3 months. If you further invest that money back into your business in the form of purchasing new tools, outsourcing article writing and submission, there is no reason why you can’t be earning $1k-$10k a month within a year. After that, the sky is the limit.

    Using all the tools in the method above it would cost you only $59 per month for Build my Rank and then an initial outlay of $174 for Article Marketing Robot and The Best Spinner. Granted, if you get Magic Submitter that will bump the price up a little bit. But let’s be honest, where else can you start a real business for under $120 a month?

    The key to seeing results is actually doing the work on a daily basis in order to get these links. If you are not writing, spinning and submitting one article per day as well as doing a handful of Build my Rank posts; you are not working hard enough on your link building.

    We all know that ranking in Google is about getting tons of links. This book has taught you at least a dozen methods in which you can get links. You literally have no excuse to not take action. The people who will see results are the ones who don’t give up and the ones that adjust their approach if they don’t see results. I am sure some people will start down the right path, not see results quickly and just give up because it is hard.

    In order to see results you have to be willing to put in the effort, it really helps if you’re passionate about the website you are making. If you are not you will probably just give up somewhere along the way because it’s hard work with little reward in the beginning.

    I know a lot of people don’t want to hear this; it’s not good marketing on my part because everyone is looking for a way to get rich quick. Sadly there are very few ways to get rich quick. The method I endorse works but it will not make you rich overnight or even in 3 months. However if you stick it out you will be making a modest income within 6 months and an income that could allow you to quit your job and do what you love within a couple of years. This method has allowed me to make low 5 figures with my gambling affiliate websites and a small 4 figure income with a website I made in the health industry. I am confident that if you work hard and apply the link building strategies mentioned above you will be able to build a successful, high ranking website in virtually any niche.


    The key thing that allowed me to get to 5 figures per month was scaling up my business. The metrics you have to scale are simple. I realised that the work I did on a daily basis built me X amount of links, X amount of content, got me X amount of traffic and made me X amount of money. To increase my income all I had to do was increase the amount of links that I made and the amount of content I built. By increasing links and content I got more traffic. More traffic = more money.

    In order to profit from outsourcing, the outsourcing has to cost less than the income that is generated from the traffic and links that are created by such outsourcing.

    With all of that being said, I outsource both link development and content development.

    1)    Link development outsourcing: Usually this means getting cheap foreign labor to write and spin articles, manually build links and use automated software to build me links.

    2)    Content development outsourcing: I hire writers to create high quality content for my websites. These writers are paid more than the cheap foreign labor.

    I get my labor from a variety of sources. I have had some success hiring cheap foreign workers from both Odesk and

    When it comes to outsourcing high quality written content it is most important for me to find an expert on that individual topic. I would rather have high quality content that is written at an average level than poor quality content that is crafted perfectly. In order to find these experts I usually look for people who post a lot on industry forums and appear to have a deep knowledge on that topic. I have even made posts on different forums saying that I am looking for a writer on X topic and give the requirements for the job and information on how people can apply. Depending on the forum, you may get away with it or you may have your post deleted. I have met some great writers this way.

    Niche Loopholes

    I believe every niche has a number of link loopholes. For example, in the Gambling and Poker niche it is very hard to get natural links. It is next to impossible to find high quality blogs to guest post on without paying the owner. In this niche though there are however maybe 50 webmaster blogs in which you can get a post on. I have received some very authoritative links by writing to webmasters and offering to write a guest post on their gambling related affiliate marketing blog in exchange for a link.  I also created my own “gambling affiliate blog” and traded links and guest posts with other webmasters. Ultimately this was purely a strategy to get more links to my money site.

    Now I know this isn’t a huge secret that I am giving away, but it illustrates an important point. If you just think a little outside of the box there is often a number of extra links that you can get to your site.

    I have several more “loopholes” that I am not prepared to give away for the gambling niche but I am convinced that virtually every niche has these loopholes. For example, the internet marketing and make money online niche loopholes are obviously forum posting and guest posting. Both of these niches have hundreds of blogs and dozens of forums that other niches simply do not have.

    Satellite websites

    When I enter a niche I usually build one authority site and a number of smaller satellite websites. These satellite sites are usually small niche websites with exact match domains that are designed to rank for just one term or modifications of that term.

    When launching a satellite site I get the same easy to get links as I do with my authority site. I will then use all of the other link building strategies in my arsenal to rank a particular website.

    The advantages of building satellite websites include:

    –       Spreading the risk from having one website that makes money to having multiple sites.

    –       Getting more total link juice to your network of sites.

    –       Using exact match domains to get a boost in the search results.

    –       Pushing link juice back to your authority site by linking to it.

    When setting up a network of niche sites I use SEO Hosting. I set up all my domains using private WHOIS and stick the sites on a new class C IP block in my SEO Hosting account. That way Google can’t link your websites together and the links passed from your satellite sites to your authority site pass full value.

    Link Building Conclusion

    When it comes to link building there is no right way to do it but there is definitely a wrong way. Webmasters need to be careful when they launch their site that they don’t get too many low quality links too quickly. I know that it’s possible to launch a site, get tons of low quality links and rank quickly. I have done it before, but I have also had my sites sandboxed before by engaging in these practices. That is why I recommend that you don’t start out too aggressive.

    My biggest piece of advice when it comes to link building is to spend some time trying to get some high quality authoritative links. These links will be hard to get but will definitely be worth it in the long run. After your site is a few months old you can start to ramp up the aggression and build links quicker.

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