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December 21, 2012 - by admin · Filed Under Affiliate Blog 2 Comments 
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    Hi everyone.  This week’s news is that I decided to launch my consultancy and an SEO blog on a new site,

    Why the New Site?

    I’ve already said that one of my aims next year is to make some income on the side with my Internet consultancy.  Originally, I launched this on, however now I’ve realized that I’m better off with a company page for my own stuff (e.g. business cards to hand to AMs and advertisers) and than a completely separate SEO blog and marketing consultancy on another site.  Another advantage of setting up a separate marketing site is that I can potentially sell it down the line.

    The features I’m going to add on include:

    1. SEO blog and interviews
    2. Internet marketing consultancy (including SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Services and Web Development)
    3. Useful tools and reviews for an internet marketing campaign
    4. Domain valuations and brokerage
    5. Link audit services and analysis
    6. Links to other useful videos and blogs around the web

    Anyway, this post is just to let everyone know that I’ll probably be doing all my future SEO related articles and blogs on  I’ll still be developing as an affiliate blog and hopefully installing a new theme early next year.

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