Launching into Forex and Expanding

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    I mentioned in my last blog post that I was eager to get into the Forex industry. It’s just another market to diversify into; the CPAs are quite high, it goes along nicely with my financial spread-betting site, and I can utilise my economics degree.

    After more than a week of searching for decent Forex domains on, I finally found one that I decided to buy the other day:

    I was honestly looking for a brandable .com Forex domain but they’re extremely hard to come by.  Every single good Forex domain had already been registered by someone at and the owners were asking anywhere from $x,xxx up to $xx,xxx for these domains.

    For example, the guy who owns wanted 85,000 Euros (I thought this would complement my and websites really nicely).  The guy who owns wanted $3,500, wanted 18,000 Euros and wanted $7,500.

    I’m not criticising any of these prices, since it’s a supply/demand market, but it just goes to show how expensive it is to build a brand in Forex.  Anyway, I’m happy I bought the domain I chose. I paid a lot less for this then a brandable domain would cost me, and I’m planning to rank for a number of keywords such as Forex accounts, managed forex accounts, demo forex accounts, VIP forex accounts etc..

    I also registered a few other Forex domains:, and

    I’m now attempting to rapidly build up my contacts in the Forex industry – i.e. finding the best Forex writers, getting the best deals, the best converting programs, where to find advertising.

    A friend recently put me in contact with a super Forex affiliate, who’s a really nice guy.  I had a 15-minute phone call with him and he’s giving me the best deals in the industry plus advice on other stuff.  I’ve also managed to find a really good writer who’s an ex-trader, so I’m planning to get 100 pages on my site as soon as possible.

    Just for the record, here are all the free reg Forex domains that I put on my shortlist:

  (registered it, “forex demo” = 4,400 global)



    In other news, I’ve decided to expand my affiliate blog here and try and make a bit of money out of it (I might even be convinced to find a nicer theme for it!).

    My blog’s currently getting around 600/month traffic now (without doing any SEO work) so I thought I may as well try to monetise it.  I really like blogging here so it would be great if I can could make some money out of it like,, and others do.

    Even if I pick up just a few sub-affiliates per month I think that’s a very good start.

    I’m not going to be providing artificial “sales driven” reviews of every single affiliate program or anything.  Instead, I’m just going to provide some honest advice the top affiliate programs in the different markets I work in (e.g. sports betting, Forex, bingo, spread betting, mobile casinos and more).

    In particular, I’ll provide useful information, which is interesting to new affiliates; such as my average player value, deposit size, and conversion rates at different sites; my opinion on the affiliate programs in general, and what you can expect to earn on a monthly basis.

    Basically, I want new affiliate to be able to find good converting programs via my blog based on all my experiences.  There’s always threads being started in forums such as “which is the best bingo program” or “what kind of CPAs kind you get in Forex”, so I figured I might as well provide some sort of information here.

    I might also provide a section recommending website theme/website designers, coders, writers and other stuff.

    Here’s the first bunch of articles I uploaded in case anyones interested:


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