Kevin: Where to Re-invest My Money?

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    This is a guest post from Kevin, who at just 22, runs a new Internet Marketing Blog and owns a lot of major sports betting sites including MLB Picks and other sports predictions sites.

    Where To Re-Invest My Money?

    I know this is a question I’ve actually had on my blog comments, and I am pretty confident it was Adam asking me… but a lot of the newer affiliates out there are interested what exactly to do with the money they are earning if they want to invest it back in their business.

    That’s a pretty good question, and something that can’t be specifically answered in terms of % or anything because it will vary for each affiliate, but I will try and give a general idea on the things that you can invest in given my personal experiences.

    To be brutally honest I have done a horrible job in the first 3 years as an affiliate with my investing. It isn’t that I haven’t been investing (I’ve actually done extremely well putting lots of money back into my business), but it is more that I have made numerous investments that I don’t need and see myself throwing away lots of money each month re-investing.

    If I had a bonus code site making me $2k a month I would blindly throw away $1k per month getting advertising towards the site and not even pay attention to any increases in search engine positions, traffic, increase in revenue, etc.

    Now that I am taking my affiliate business a lot more serious I am actually tracking my expenses more, and trying to cut down on investing in things that aren’t producing a positive return on investment.

    So my first tip here would be to track all of your expenses and actually see what kind of ROI you get on them. The bigger the ROI the better opportunity you have to take advantage of that and grow your business month after month.

    Ok, now onto what you can invest in to help you make more money as an affiliate…

    The firs t thing that will make you more money is more traffic to your website. Now you can do this a couple different ways (use caution as search engines don’t like some methods).

    Of course you can pay people to “advertise” your site with a link back to your website within blog posts or content – think long term, because renewing advertising every 6 months kind of sucks and a lot of people won’t contact you to renew. If you can find good quality advertising spots for a year or more take them.

    You can also look into media buys. There are tons of webmasters who don’t blog to make money. Find a poker blogger who just talks about his days playing poker and shoot him an email asking how much traffic he gets. If he gets decent traffic ask him if you can pay him to put up a banner on his site. Most people who don’t make any money from their site will love this. Hint: get it above the fold and tell him $60 prepaid for 6 months instead of $10 each month – it sounds better to them.

    Out of the box thinking, but why not find other affiliates in your niche who have a mailing list. Ask them about their list and offer them $X amount in order to send out an email promoting your poker site. That could be a good way to gain some visitors and followers.

    Alright the second thing you can invest in to make you more money is design. I know that content is a lot more important than the design of your site, but there are a lot of tweaks you can make that will make your site look better and become more brandable. A nice premium wordpress theme that you get customized for example could do a lot to help conversions, but keep it simple – often less is more.

    On top of that why not pay someone to design customer banners for poker sites you are promoting. I have found that most gambling sites offer really generic banners that don’t catch many eyes. Look into getting custom buttons made that say “Play Now” or something – people like to click buttons.

    Design should be a small part of your investing, but it is important.

    Another area to invest in to help you grow as an affiliate are resources and tools.

    For example, a mailing list site membership (see: aweber), crazyegg or clicktale to see what your sites visitors are doing when they visit, or SEO membership sites (I haven’t personally used them so I don’t have any recommendations, but I’ve heard some are worth it).

    There are also some good information products out there that will open your brain up to a lot of different ideas, but there are a lot of crap products as well so be careful about that.

    Anyways to wrap things up I would say that the most important thing you can invest in is getting more traffic to your site and your sales pages (poker room review, best poker bonuses page, or whatever) while also keeping in mind a lot of stuff can be done for free. Other things you can put your money back into include designs, graphics, affiliate tools and software for conversions, information products, and even paid marketing forums or groups.

    And the most important thing when you are thinking about investing is to make sure you are tracking everything as best you can to figure out if the investment was worth it. You will find it much easier to scale up the size of your business and the amount of money you are making.

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