June Recap and July Goals

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    June was probably the laziest month I’ve had in terms of affiliating.  I really needed a break from work because there was far too much hot weather, sunshine and sports events going on to not take advantage.  I generally feel like I need a 1 or 2 week break at least once every 2 months just to refresh myself and keep things in perspective.

    In June I was working at only 50% if I’m honest.  I took a week off to go down to London (I went to the Men’s Quarter Finals at Wimbledon, and saw Derren Brown’s latest show – Svengalis).  Both were really good.  I also took a mid-week trip down to Warwick University to see some friends and catch up.

    June Affiliate Recap

    I hit the $4k income mark in June.  I didn’t quite reach the $5k goal I’d set for myself but I did negotiate a couple 4 figure monthly advertising deals which should set me up pretty well over the next few months.

    A couple of my websites came back from penalties which was a really nice surprise.  I mention in my June Affiliate Goals article that my aim was to get both of these sites out of penalties so that was really good.

    I managed to get my new spread betting site (Spreads.org.uk) up to 100+ pages which is amazing.  The site is barely a month old and already has 100 pages – by far the fastest I’ve ever worked on a site (currently my 2nd biggest site).

    I did a couple of interesting “out of the box” things in June.  First of all I uploaded my 4,000 word essay on the Gold Standard (see the essay here) to my Gold Bullion site. It’s really nice to find a proper use for one of my University essays and I think the high quality, original content will be a big Boon for my site.

    The other unique thing I did was that I bought two older Forex sites and 301’d the content to my site.  The price of writing the Forex content alone would have cost double what I’d paid for the sites (that’s if YOU could even find a good Forex writer) plus the quality of the backlinks from the sites made it an even sweater deal.  I’m lucky to have made some great contacts in this niche (including a massive Finance webmaster and top writer) which is priceless in my opinion.  Once you have good contacts/employees in this industry then every runs so much smoother.

    June Recap

    • Spreads.org.uk – Added 100 pages (still haven’t fixed the theme)
    • BingoBonuses.net – Added 10 Pages and Ranking top of 2nd Page up from 3rd
    • BettingBonus.org.uk – Ranking OK and finished
    • De-penalised Two Sites
    • Updated all my Mobile Sites with a Weekly News Section
    • 10 Pages on my Gold Site (failed to add 20)

    July Goals

    • Work HARD on my Mobile Casino Site, Try to get to 1,000+ traffic per month and actually monetise it.
    • Get Bingo site up to 1,000/month traffic
    • Monetise and A/B Page Test stuff with my gold site.  Try to make the maximum amount of money possible.
    • I’ll let my spread betting site age a little bit but I’m still trying to get to 1,000+/month.




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