June Affiliate Update and July Goals 2012

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    I’ve posted this a little late since I wanted to wait for the next Penguin update (which I thought would have happened by now), which would have given me some more things to talk about.  With regards to that, I was also thinking there’s a chance it could purely be a anchor text/on-page optimization (i.e. nothing to do with the quality of your backlinks).  This would also explain why those that got Penguin’d didn’t get an unnatural backlinks warning in Google.

    Anyway, June was an OK month.  I didn’t get that much done to be honest since I did a lot of research understanding how Penguin and Panda work, and I’ve also sold one or two sites and domains, which were lagging around my network.  It was annoying that a deal for one of the sites I was about to sell for £1k fell through, although the owner said that he’d probably be interested in buying it again in a month or two.

    I’ve invested a good amount of time improving my own sites too, such as removing dubious links and weak content, improving on-page content, de-optimizing my sites, interlinking content and adding affiliate cookie disclaimers and privacy stuff.

    I spent around a week in Ukraine for the Euro 2012 to watch two of England’s group games.  Ukraine seemed an alright place but the communist customer service (i.e. waiting half an hour for a Coke or spending 1.5 hours queing in the check-in desk in Kiev’s brand new airport when only 2/50 desks were open) does take the piss.  I really have no hopes for the future of Ukraine with that kind of agnostic, disinterested attitude in customer service and tourism.

    The SEO consulting is going well.  It’s nice to be able to provide advice and consultancy services with the knowledge I’ve acquired, rather then getting paid to actually write or work on my websites all the time etc.  I also did a couple guest posts on some other sites (Gaffg and DropOutGotRich.com), which gives a bit of variety to my day-to-day stuff.

    I’ve started working out of an office from Mon-Wed, which is actually really good for me.  I’m up at 8-8.30am, work in an office with minimal distractions (e.g. no Youtube or TV) and it’s good exercise to be getting out and about in London.

    Another thing that I’m happy about is some of the relationships I’ve built with my AMs and operators.  I’ve managed to negotiate minimum guaranteed revenue deals at a few operators that I work with.  I also had a negative month at one site that decided to give me an extra $500 top-up as a good will gesture.  My trading websites have also finally started to pick up a bit, with a couple CPAs already earned this month, and I had a big offer for a premium domain I purchased recently, which is always nice to have on the table.

    Anyway, looking forward to July and hopefully going on holiday and getting some golf rounds done!

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