June Affiliate Recap and July 2013 Goals

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    June was a much better month than May.  In addition to Google making noticeable improvements to some of the industries I work in, I made a lot of progress with my graduates site and bought a couple of new premium .co domains that will allow me to re-launch some of my penalized sites.

    Re-launching new sites also allows me to rebuild my own network, which is really important for a long-term, sustainable business.

    Graduates.co.uk Progress

    First of all I paid someone to do some personal outreach for my new postgraduate funding eBook that I launched in May.  This has generated a handful of links and positive feedback by Universities and I’m still waiting to hear back from others.

    I also hired a professionally qualified graduate recruitment expert with over ten years experience in the industry to help produce expert content for the careers section of my site. I’m going to get him to deal with PR enquiries and help my site get featured on bigger recruitment sites such as Recruiter.com.  I’m also talking to him about producing premium features on my site, such as example CVs and cover letters for different graduate industries – basically anything that adds more value and linkbait.

    I’m really starting to believe that if you produce expert content aimed at your target audience then you’ll start getting natural links, which your competitors simply can’t copy.  If you invest in great content, tools/resources, relationships and usability than it creates a much bigger barrier to entry than just focusing on off-page metrics.  Where as last year I was investing around 30:70 on-page to off-page, nowadays it’s more like 70:30.

    Finally, I managed to have business discussions with some aptitude test providers and talk to other people in the industry about running a graduate jobs board on my site.  I actually did a lot of outreach last month looking to build partnerships with other websites and look at any white label solutions out there.

    In terms of starting a jobs board, it would be time intensive and require someone to do a lot of outreach sending my media pack, but I think it’s definitely a viable business model 6-12 months down the line.  It would also add a ton of value to the site and I could set up a system where advertisers come to me posting their jobs on my site for a free rather than the other way around.  Also, if I can create a user database model then it would allow me to calculate my average user value, run PPC and Facebook ad campaigns and possibly even have a stand at a careers fair.

    Searchable.co.uk Content Development

    Although I’m not really doing much with this site, I managed to write a few more detailed guides for my SEO blog and post an interview with an authority spokesperson on new gTLDs.

    I’m quite impressed with the traction that some of my articles are getting, plus I’ve been getting a few calls each month with people enquiring about my SEO services.  I’m not looking for any work right now (most of them seem to just be looking for someone to remove links and help them recover from penalties anyway, boring…) but it’s just practical having that agency site in case it’s something I want to do in the future.  It’s also fairly tempting to start a marketing and social media news blog and monetize it with advertising and product reviews.  I’m sure I could find a few people on my Skype or Twitter who’d be willing to contribute every now and then.

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