June Affiliate Goals 2011

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    It’s been a year since I committed to affiliating full time.  My year’s aim back then was to make at least $1k/month in affiliate income but since then I decided to try and break the $5k mark.

    Now my income goal for June 2011 is to try and break $5k for real. I’m pretty sure I can do this as long as none of my sites get penalised.  I won’t consider it a failure if I don’t achieve this – it’s just a nice round figure to aim for and I’m already happy with my current achievements.

    What’s Changed in my Day since Last Year?

    I thought it would be interesting to demonstrate the changes of my day to day activities since last year and how I invest my income.

    The biggest change is all the extra work I have to do.  Time consuming tasks which now seem to take up most of my day include checking and responding to emails, advertising queries, managing affiliate programs (over 20 gulp!), speaking to AMs, conversations with Skype contacts, SEO campaigns, uploading content to sites, making changes to sites, general keyword/competition research and tons more!  Recently a lot of time has also gone into buying domains, transferring websites, finding good content writers, skimming through all of the auto-blog crap on Flippa to find something half-decent (seriously I DARE you to try this).

    In the last month or so I recently cut down on how much weekly content I write by 20%.   Instead, I’ve outsourced all of this and spend around $300-$500 on articles per month.  This helps me free up some time and allow me to focus more on my projects.

    By God the biggest time consuming factor as an affiliate has to be AMs constantly trying to re-negotiate deals and improve their ad positions.  I think it’s unfair to knock this kind of stuff off because I did recently move up from a 25% revenue share up to 30% at one program which will probably lead to an extra $200 income per month.  But, most of these AMs are just an annoying distraction to day to day tasks.

    Other changes since last year are my attitudes towards affiliate marketing strategy.  I now how a much more pro-authority site attitude then I did in the past, and over time I aim to try and develop my mini-sites into larger, more credible sources of information.  The SEO game has changed, keeps changing and some of us have to keep adapting.

    June Affiliate Goals

    I’m going to keep this short and simple.

    • Income – $5k
    • Spreads.org.uk – 20 new pages and increase traffic to 300/month.  Install new theme and logo.
    • BuyGold.co.uk – 20 new pages
    • Add weekly news content on my mobile network.
    • MobileCasinoBonus.org – Increase traffic to 500 – 1,000/month
    • BettingBonus.org.uk – Add a couple of pages, do some SEO work, install new theme and logo.
    • Sell either Mosesbet.com, IWG.org or PokerBankrolls.org
    • Get two other sites out of penalties LOL.




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