July Recap and August Affiliate Goals 2011

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    I've become a HUGE Curb Your Enthusiasm Fan. I'm happy Entourage has started new season but I think I like Curb even better.

    July was one of the worst months I’ve had in terms of affiliating.  Low traffic over the summer months, little conversions and a lack of UK sports to bet on really took its toll.

    My affiliate income was about 50% of what it was last month, although my traffic has been increasing and new projects are maturing which is good for the post-summer months (a.k.a. the “biz time” of the year).  Luckily, I was still able to secure a global network ad deal guarantees me a solid income stream to work with.

    • Income – $10K+ (thanks to advertising deal)
    • 10 new pages on mobile casino site – Very Happy.
    • Finished Spreads.org.uk project – Just Needs More Traffic.
    • Quadrupled traffic on my precious metals site.
    • Increased rankings for my bingo bonus site.
    • Invest in higher quality advertising deals in general.

    August Affiliate Goals

    I’m trying to invest as much money as possible into my network, whether it’s increasing traffic, buying domains, improving content or general social media stuff.

    My head’s at gridlocks with itself right now.  I really want to diversify outside gaming/finance and explore new markets.  However, the other side of me wants to get to $x,xxx income per month before I can give new markets the effort and investment that they need.

    An example would be my Snoods.org clothing retail domain.  I’ve stuck up a page on this domain for around 3-4 months now, but I’m not sure whether to build it up or not.  “Snoods” gets around 8,000 exact searches per month, while other long tails such as “snoods for men”, “snoods for women”, “men’s snoods”, “football snoods”, “dog snoods” “and sports snood” get plenty of additional searches.

    That being said, the average commission for snoods on Amazon.com will only be around $0.50.  This means even if I sold 500 snoods per month I’d only be looking at $250/month income.  Although this is good money, I’d rather be investing in projects with a future potential of $x,xxx/month.

    My new spread betting site is doing OK.  I’m going to invest in a top writer to launch a technical indicator/ analysis training centre to add some linkable content for the site. (FYI: if anyone reading this could let me know what they think of the domain Spreads.org.uk I’d really appreciate it).

    August 2011 Goals

    • Get as many new sites as possible to 1,000+/month traffic.
    • Start generating bingo income.
    • Increase spread betting/forex income.
    • Come up with new ideas for markets outside gaming.
    • Double monthly income from gold site.
    • 301 iPhoneBetting.org to new domain BettingMobile.org, expand site and double traffic to 3,000/month.


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