January Recap – A Month of Ups and Downs

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    January Recap – A Month of Ups and Downs

    This is my affiliate recap for January 2010.  Overall it was a pretty disappointing start to the month because of one of my sites but progress in my other sites and increased traffic made up for this.

    Recap of January:

    • 10 static pages up on pokerbankrolls.org and increased traffic from 300 – 1,000/month
    • Went Snowboarding
    • 30+ pages and ranking page one for my instant win games site
    • 1 page up on my mobile casino site
    • a few pages up on my sportsbettingnews.co.uk site
    • Made some money from affiliate tools
    • $1500+ affiliate revenue

    I’ll start with what went wrong.  I managed to get my spreadbettingplatforms.org site ranking 2nd for its keyword on Google.com but the traffic just wasn’t there.  I’m only getting around 1 hit per 3 days for “spread betting platforms” in 2nd.  This was really disappointing for me considering that when I registered the domain adwords stated that [spread betting platforms] received 2,900 searches per month.  I also did a lot of other keyword research so it all added up.

    The site that I had predicted to make me $1-2k month quite easily by now is making me nothing.  And to make it worse, I than saw that the exact match data in adwords had shrunk to just 200.  It seems like a complete waste of time all the work that I had done on this site.

    But than I realised quite a couple of things that made me change my mind.

    First of all, I realised that 90%+ of the traffic would be from the UK, which means that I’m hardly going to pick up any traffic ranking on .com. Spread betting is not a popular thing in the US and none of the spread betting firms accept US users, which is obviously why I wasn’t get much traffic ranking in .com.

    Secondly, yes Google adwords data had declines from 2,900 to 200 overnight but so had a lot of other keywords in the betting/gambling niche.  It seems that Google is trying to shed a lot of their adwords data and make it harder for affiliates.  For example, I noticed that [best poker rooms] had gone down from around 2,800 to 800 and a bunch of other keywords in gambling and spread betting had declined to around 30% of their original figure.  Both [spread betting companies] and [spread betting firms] showed massively reduced figures so that made me realise the inaccuracy of adwords.

    Lastly, I had done a lot of keyword research before hand on [spread betting platforms] and it does seem to be a popular keyword in spread betting.  For example, the keyword data on SEMRush shows 1,300+ searches for the term per month.  A number of big spread betting forums also use the term when asking “what is the best spread betting platform” etc.

    So I know for a fact that it is a popular term.  In addition to this, a friend showed me the analytical data for one of the largest UK spread betting firms.  I was able to see that “best spread betting platform” generated a number of hits for them even at the bottom/2nd page of Google so I was able to realise that this term alone must get 200+ searches per month.

    If the term “best spread betting platform” gets so many searches than I was almost definitely sure that “spread betting platforms” gets enough searches to make bank, i.e. over 1,000 per month.  In fact, according to the unreliable Google adwords keytool [best spread betting platform] gets more than 100 searches per month, so I know that my domain must be pretty decent.

    Basically, in conclusion for this site spreadbettingplatforms.org, I’m just going to keep working on it and wait for it to natural rise in the .co.uk rankings and see what traffic is brings me.  I also put a geographic target of UK in google webmaster tools so it will be interesting to see if this helps at all.

    Overall I’m still really happy with this site after that earlier scare where I was like “ZOMG where is all my traffic?”  But I’ve noticed an interesting facet about the online spread betting niche.  Although there are one or two massive affiliate sites going after a few select competitive keywords such as “financial spread betting”, “spread betting companies” and “spread betting bonuses”, I’ve noticed that the industry is very slack overall.  Outside these one or two big websites, there are hardly any other affiliate websites in spread betting.

    What this means for me is that there is literally going to be loads of low hanging fruit for conversion-orientated long tail keywords. What I’m going to do is start adding a ton of conversion-orientated pages (e.g. best mobile trading platform, capital spreads mobile platform review) and upload them to the site.  I’d probably be looking at an extra 20 – 30 pages in total.  When this increases traffic to my site I should definitely be getting enough sign ups and CPAs to make well over $1-2k/month on this site.  And that’s excluding ranking for my keywords.

    The Good Points about January!

    OK, so the above website was a bit of a disappointment to say the least but I had plenty of other things that made me happy.


    My instant win games site which I only started putting pages up on this month is already ranking 7th on the first page of google for its 2.5k keyword and I feel really good about the site overall.  In hindsight, I would have even paid up to $500-$600 for this domain.  Getting it for registration fee was pretty awesome.


    I also increased traffic on my poker bankrolls site from 300 to 1,000 per month and that is only going to continue growing.  I have a really nice custom design waiting to be implemented and overall I think that this site will kick ass.  It’s basically going to cover everything possible about poker bankrolls, including poker bonuses, clearing bonuses, how to build a bankroll, cash game bankroll challenges (similar to pokerprofessor.co.uk), SNG bankroll challenges, poker bankroll management software (e.g. Holdem Manager), poker deposit options, promotions, bonus whoring guides, free poker bankrolls, no deposit poker bankrolls, etc…

    Other sites:

    A bunch of my others sites which I made a few months ago and didn’t do any SEO work whatsoever are starting to rank really well for keywords.  My craps site for example ranks 6th on Google.com and 2nd on Google.co.uk for “play online craps”.  I’ve done no intentional SEO work to this site (except resource page exchanges) whatsoever so for it to be ranking this highly is pretty amazing.  Also my BettingBonusWorld.com site is ranking page 2 for “betting bonus” without any effort.  It’s going to be great when I actually do start working on these sites; they’ve been put on the backburner right now.

    Did my Accounts:

    As part of tax season, my accountant made me work out my monthly revenue/costs since the beginning of 2010.  The results were really interesting to me as I’ve never properly worked out my monthly income or costs – I usually just keep a record of my ingoing/outgoing payments in my head in order to work out whether I have funds left.

    To put it in a nut shell, my affiliate revenue has increased from $200 in July to over $1500 in January.  Average monthly growth has been around 20-50% and I’ve re-invested 90+ of my profits.  Right now I’m planning on breaking the $2k revenue mark by next month or the month after and than $3k/month by April.

    Finally, one of the best things about January was the natural backlinks that some of my sites got from forums.  My poker tournament site for example had around 5 different articles linked to from a forum this month.  Not only is it a great feeling when someone links to your site but it also means someone else is SEO’ing the site for me!

    I’ll post my affiliate goals for February in a couple of days.

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