January 2011 Affiliate Report and February Goals

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    Overall, January was a pretty cool month for me as an affiliate.

    I went to my first ever affiliate conference at the LAC 2012, met a bunch of AMs (went out with a few London), plus I feel I’ve generally become more settled and structured in the affiliate industry.  I also launched my new affiliate/SEO site: AffiliateFYI.com!

    In the last couple of months, I’ve began each planning my budget for the month, working out exactly how much I’m going to invest in each site with regards to SEO, content, design and social media.  This then forms a rough financial budget for each month, with any profits or losses carried over.  I’ve also given myself plenty of room and flexibility incase I don’t meet my income goals.

    My general workday has also changed since I’ve been able to successfully outsource a lot of my day-to-day tasks – something which I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to do.

    I’ve managed to find excellent, reliable writers for each of my sites who I can ship topics and receive quality articles within a week, plus I can outsource and manage my SEO campaigns more easily.  I’ve also made some very good contacts in the finance/forex industry (i.e. super affiliates who know the industry inside out) which helps a lot, especially when getting the best CPA deals and meeting the owners of programs.

    Affiliate Report of January 2012

    • Went to my first affiliate conference, met a ton of nice people and got some excellent research and CPL/CPA deals out of it
    • Launched StudentBanking.co.uk, got a nice logo made and already getting some good steady traffic
    • Launched AffiliateFYI.com with new theme/logo and added something like 10 new pages/articles
    • Flipped a domain I recently bought for a good profit
    • Bought a new domain and potential affiliate site (FreeSecurity.co.uk) for £5!
    • Doubled FTD’s on bingo site
    • Negotiated some new deals for my gold site which could potentially double income
    • Launched another mobile-friendly site using DudaMobile which re-directs mobile traffic
    • Updated all my sites with weekly news and invested in content for my mobile gaming sites

    February 2012 Goals and Plans

    I’m going to invest much more in my burgeoning finance network this month and try to get a nice design made which I can implement across my sites.  I also have an interview with Marcus lined up for AffiliateFYI.com, who’s been very successful in the finance niche, plus I’ll be expanding one of my mobile sites for new markets and products.

    I had one issue with my student banking site last month.  The problem is that the women at OMG Marketing said that none of the UK student banking programs are accepting new affiliates at this time.  I’m basically going to have to wait a couple of months before I can get accepted, which is why I’ve switched to an adsense model for the time being (I’ve also been trying to set up some private advertising deals).  It’s pretty frustrating for me (since it puts me off investing in SEO for now) but I do have some really big plans for the site based on a comparison model of student accounts, credit cards, loans, insurance and utilities.  Obviously I’ll need a new design implemented eventually, but for now I’m just adding solid content and letting traffic increase naturally.

    I’m also going to begin investing in SEO on AffiliateFYI.com for the first time, which has been steadily increasing in traffic since I did the 301 from UKPokerAffiliate.com a couple of weeks ago.  I’m still working on my exact plans and structure for the site.

    Anyway that’s all for now.  I’m going Snowboarding again in March for the X-Games so I’m pretty much going to try and get all my finance sites finished and ready for generating customers and traffic in March.  Also, any US affiliates who are planning to bet on the superbowl should take a look at my friend Ryan’s site.  He’s assembled a pretty good team of handicappers who’re offering prop bets and tips for the big game in February.



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