How to Set up a Money Making Website

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    Launching a Money Making Website

    Up until now, everything in this guide has been entirely theoretical. Hopefully now you have a better understanding of how Google works, the main factors that Google uses to determine where you’re site ranks, a few ideas for websites you would like to make and the keywords you would like to rank for.

    The following sections of this book will now be dedicated mostly to driving traffic to your website and monetizing that traffic. We will do this by building optimized content for buying keywords, building links to those pages and monetizing the content.

    So without wasting any more time, let’s get in to the juicy stuff.

    Choosing a Domain and Hosting Registrar

    If you don’t have a domain or webhosting yet, we advise that you get some now. I use Godaddy to purchase my domains and host my websites. Godaddy is great; it has fantastic uptime, fast servers and makes it easy for you to install WordPress, the free blogging/content management system I use on virtually all of my websites. Prices for hosting packages at Godaddy start from only $4.95 a month. And best of all, it’s a 100% ethical and carbon neutral operation.

    Choosing a Domain Name

    I am personally a fan of brandable domains that also contain your chosen keywords. is a good example of such domain. You can purchase your own domain now for about $10 at Godaddy.

    Most of the websites I start become authority websites; I would rather have a name that people will remember than a domain name that is extremely long.

    Interestingly, there is a slight negative correlation between domain length and Google rankings. I don’t think domain length is a ranking factor, I just think that high ranking websites tend to have shorter domain names.

    Below are my guidelines for choosing a new domain name.

    –       Choose a brandable name if possible.

    –       Make sure your domain contains your main keyword/s.

    –       An exact match domain will give you a boost, but these domains are usually already registered.

    –       If you have the big budget, look for a premium name on sites like Sedo. Although, lots of owners overprice their domains, be prepared to negotiate and try and get a heavy discount on list prices.

    –       Get a .com extension domain if possible, this is simply because it is the most used, recognised and trusted domain extension. Country extensions are great if your website is targeting a specific market. For example, my bingo websites are on domains. The reason for this is because the UK market is at least 80% of the global bingo market.

    –       As a guideline, try to get domains with 3 words or less in the name. Longer domains are harder to remember.

    –       I am not a fan of domains, I would prefer

    Setup and Install WordPress

    There are many guides on the internet on how to install WordPresson your site. Many webhosting companies like Godaddy give you a control panel that allows you to install WordPress with just a few clicks; no technical skills are needed in most cases. If you are still having trouble with this you may want to check out this article on how to install wordpress.

    Setup a WordPress Theme

    When you are first getting started, you have the option of using the default WordPress theme, or one of the thousands of free WordPress themes available to download. Personally, I think the new default WordPress theme looks quite nice. But ideally you don’t want to have a website that looks identical to thousands of others.

    I have used the Thesis WordPress theme for several years now. The thing I like about the Thesis theme is that it’s amazing out of the box. It gives a novice the option to customize their website to a high level. You can change colours for virtually everything on the site, as well as change the site width, number of columns, fonts etc. It is definitely one of the best and most customizable WordPress themes.

    I have also used several premium themes from WooThemes before and I can also recommend that site.

    Another option I like to do is, instead of buying a premium theme, just use the default WordPress theme but pay someone to make you a custom header image or graphic. I have used sites like 99 Designsbefore to get custom graphics designed. In case you didn’t know, 99 Designs is a graphic design competition site. Basically what you do is this; you write a specification for the art work you want and a price you are willing to pay. Designers from all around the world will submit entries to this competition, you then make comments and ask for revisions, eventually you have to choose a winner and you pay the agreed price for the art work.

    Interestingly, the person who designs all of my websites now is a guy that I originally met on 99 Designs. After he won one of my contests I got his contact details. Since then he has completed a number of design jobs for me.

    Now That You Are Up And Running

    You should now have a website that is up and running. This is just the start of great things to come. Unfortunately, thousands of people get to this point and start a website. Getting a website up is the easy part, what comes next is a lot of hard work.

    If your website does not make money, it is because one of or a combination of these three reasons.

    1. You don’t have enough traffic.
    2. You don’t have the right type of traffic (Targeted traffic).
    3. You cannot monetize your traffic.

    Remember this:

    It doesn’t matter how much traffic you have, if you can’t convert it, its worthless. I am the ultimate pragmatist; a visitor is only useful to me if he does one of the following things.

    1. Signs up to an offer on my site.
    2. Subscribes to my list, RSS feed, Twitter page or Facebook page.
    3. Bookmarks / remembers my site so that they can come back in the future.

    Likewise, you can have a great converting website that captures leads, gets bookmarkers and makes sales. However, if you get very little traffic, or the traffic you get is not interested in what you’re selling, you will fail to make much money.

    The most profitable websites get targeted traffic in huge volumes and then provide targeted offers to that traffic. For the most part I am not an expert salesman and I don’t need to be one either. If you rank for some type of product or service name, your conversion ratio should be extremely high. These people are already interested in the product and service you are selling. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. The hard part is obtaining the rankings that drive this targeted traffic to your website.

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