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    What this $500 per Month Guide will teach you?

    OK so this is pretty much going to be the contents section for my $500 per month guide.

    I’m literally going to touch all the bases for building a successful affiliate site from the ground up, including choosing a niche, planning the site, ordering the content, design and coding, UX, sustainability, buying domains and more.  I’ll also provide some meta-strategy such as keeping motivated, starting from the beginning and time-line case studies of other affiliates who have been successful.

    Remember that unlike other “make money” type guides, I’m actually explaining how to build a high quality, sustainable site capable of making more then $500 per month.  This is in contrast to the free eBooks and black-hat link building methods that most amateur bloggers proffer.

    $500 per Month Guide and Contents: –

    Here are the contents for the guide.  At the moment I’ve haven’t written all of the pages yet so you’re going to have to keep coming back to check on the progress.  Hopefully most of the guide should be finished within a few weeks.

    How Long should it Take to Make a site that Earns $500 per month?

    There’s no definitive answer to this, however you should be aiming to achieve build a profitable, $500 per month site within one year.  It really all depends on how quickly you invest in the content or manage your SEO campaigns, in addition to how fast you can learn to build a site and which niche you choose.  I’ve personally managed to build sites that make $500 per month using these methods within just a few weeks of launch.

    If you build a site in Forex, for example, you only need one CPA per month to make $500, where if you’re building a retail site you’re going to need dozens or even hundreds of sales to generate this much money in commission.

    Overall, what this guide should do is give you a good foundation to go by and prevent you from going down unprofitable avenues (which I know many new affiliates do!).  Anyway, once again I hope you enjoy the guide and find it useful.

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