How to make an Affiliate site that makes $500+ per Month

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    About the $500 per Month Guide:

    The following series has been put together to teach new affiliates how to make an affiliate site that makes $500+ per month.  Originally, I was going to make this series for making sites to make $1,000 per month (since that’s a better catchy title), however in hindsight I think it’s much more realistic using this method for $500 per month.

    Why Am I Building this Guide?

    My intentions for building this $500 per month guide on come from a number of reasons.  I’ve outlined a number of them below:

    • Help Teach New Affiliates: A lot of affiliates and webmasters have contacted me via my blog asking for tips on how to build and monetize a successful site. It seems to me that most new affiliates are looking a step-by-step explanation on how to build successful affiliate sites, with detailed case studies and explanations.  I want to use my experience working in different niches to build this guide to help all of those people. 
    • Generate Followers on My Blog: Obviously, I really like writing on my blog (and I’m a regular contributor for other affiliate magazine) so I’d like to build a following that can help me monetize my blog and make it worthwhile writing here.
    • Explain How to Build a Sustainable Affiliate Site using White-Hat SEO, Social Media and UX: Most of the other affiliate blogs and “make money online” sites seem outdated and poor.  For example, 95% of them just explain how to build niche, micro adsense sites that use black-hat link building methods and automated link building tools.  In this guide, I want to explain how to make high quality sites that are going to provide a more sustainable income and have a lower attrition rate in Google updates. This guide won’t just focus on SEO, but also UX (User Experience), high quality content, brand building and social media.

    Why should you Trust or Listen to the Advice that I give in this Guide?

    To cut it short, I’ve built almost a dozen affiliate sites that make more then $500 per month (many of them make more then $1,000 per month) across a range of different niches such as poker, sports betting, gambling, Forex, banking and precious metals.

    In the last 2 years, I’ve gone making virtually nothing up to $xx,xxx per month in affiliate marketing, and a lot of this has been down to some great advice from other peers, blogs and resources.  In this guide, I want to explain everything I’ve done and apprise you of my process for building sites.  You can also learn more about me here.

    I know a lot of new affiliates struggle to make their first successful site, or even yet making a site that generates $100+ per month  Many of you are always asking questions like “how many pages does my site need”, “how do I find good keywords” or “how much do I need to spend on SEO”.  This is everything I want to answer in this guide, plus more.  I’m also going to talk about how build profitable sites from scratch, finding good niches, how to value domains or when you should spend money on a premium domain, plus tips for improving your SEO campaigns and improving conversion rates on your site.

    Anyway that’s it in terms of introductions.  I’m still working on the guide right now (it should be 10-15 pages) so I’ll update it all on the next page here.

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