How to Build Bigger Sites and Outsource Work?

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    The dream of every new affiliate I guess is to get to the point where you’re building websites on auto-pilot and outsourcing 90% of your work.  This is probably the “Dream Job.”  You can still make $100k or $250k per year and only work 10 hours per week.

    This is the place I’m in right now.  It’s pretty cool!  I’m slowly learning to outsource lot of my day-to-day work and learn to build sites without as much effort.  I’m honestly just waiting for the day when I can hire my own in-house staff and bitch them around 24/7 like Ari Gold.  Or we could just drink single malt whisky, smoke all day and take sexual advantage of the secretaries like they do in “Mad Men.” I haven’t decided on my corporate culture yet lol.

    As a manager, it’s your ideas that will earn you the most money and get the most value from you in my opinion. Whether you’ve come up with an awesome site for a new market, or whether you’ve find an existing site for good value (making $xxx per month) and you want to take it to the next level (making $x,xxx per month).

    For new affiliates, it will eventually hit you when you have too many sites to manage and write content for yourself.  You’ll need to start outsourcing your work load and focus on what’s most important – project planning and managing.  In this role you’re basically organising your projects, negotiating ad rates, managing writers and making sure that everything is running and making money OK.  Who knows, maybe in a couple of years you’ll be able to employ your own Project Manager to do all this for you.

    Tips for Expanding your Network

    The most obvious work to outsource is content.  Depending on the type of site you have, you’ll either want to hire top quality writers (give your site a true “edge” with inherent value) or you’ll just want to hire an everyman writer who can write regular news  and copy writing.

    I think when you first start outsourcing content you should be looking to pay no more than $0.03c per word. I’ve got a solid writer at the moment who charges $0.03 (however because I use him/her for a lot of work I’ve received a discounted price of $0.025).  That’s one of the things you should keep in mind when outsourcing work – the more work you give a single person the higher discount rates you’ll receive. If you spread your workload over 3 or 4 different people than you’ll just get charged the regular price.  And this will just increase your costs.

    In terms of looking for writers, don’t expect you’re Skype contacts to give you their writers contact information.  From my experiences webmasters are ridiculously protective of their writers and don’t want to share them.  This originally pissed me off – but now I see why.  When you have a good writer, you don’t want to share them.  If their demand goes up then it will directly increase the price (economics 101).  Having a good writer can also be seen as a competitive edge which you don’t want to lose.

    Of course, for professional articles from writers who are experienced in their profession than you can expect to pay $0.05c – $0.20c.  It really all comes down to how much they already make and the minimum they could be arsed to write for.  Don’t expect a pro Forex trader making $100k/yr to write for nothing, lol.

    Best places to find writers are probably forums, Elance and searching for content services in  If you’re looking for some really basic content to spin then you could also use

    How Many Sites should you Build or Focus on?

    A big problem that you don’t want to get caught up in is being spread too thinly.  When I get up in the morning I want a clear head of what I’m going to do today or this week.  I don’t want previous project crawling up on me or having to deal with all sorts of shit.  It gives me a headache.  Managing 15+ sites with continuous content isn’t easy, especially when you have AMs moaning about their placements or wanting a better position.

    I think the aim really is to have sites that run on auto-pilot and generate passive income with minimum maintenance.  That’s the where the problem lies between thin affiliate sites on exact match domains and authority sites.  In order to inject some kind of value to your site you really want to be offering fresh news and information daily (or weekly).  With too many sites though this just isn’t gonna’ happen.

    One argument is that you sell your small sites that aren’t earning you a lot (e.g. sell anything in your network making less than $500 per month) and just focus on a few “super sites”.  In terms of valuing a website you really want 15 months income at the bear minimum.  And even that’s pretty low.  Something along the lines or 2-3 years is much better. If you have a site that makes $300/month than I wouldn’t be tempted to sell it for less than $7,000.  Obviously you’re site can have value from domain/content/traffic even if it isn’t making money too, so remember that.

    The other argument is that if you have sites making you passive income than you may as well hang on to them.  You’d feel pretty stupid selling a site based on 12 months income if after 12 months the other guy breaks even and has a great asset!

    Something I personally plan on doing with my gambling network is to find all-in-one operator (poker, casino, sports betting, bingo, games) and selling fixed listings on my site (e.g. $1k per month per site).  That chunk of income gives you a stable income and stops you having to spend hours viewing your latest affiliate stats or traffic.

    A final advantage of having a large network of sites in a similar niche is also leverage over networks combined with economies of scale. By using your network’s leverage you can negotiate better deals and get a $300 cross-network CPA as opposed to $150.  As stated before, you can also use economies of scale in terms of content, themes, coding and SEO to get bulk discounts and increase your bottom line.


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