How to Build and Make Money with an Amazon Affiliate Site

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    Why Become an Amazon Affiliate?

    If you’re a brand new affiliate or just looking to diversify into the retail affiliate niche then becoming an Amazon Affiliate is one of the best ways of earning an additional income.

    There of plenty of affiliates out there earning $1,000+ per month directly from promoting Amazon, and having built a couple of niche mini-sites I’ve also been able to earn $100+ per month from them.

    I’ll just say this at the beginning: the advantage of promoting Amazon is that they convert extremely well and are a globally recognized brand.  They cover a range of topics, which means you can promote them on practically any niche product site, plus their baseline 5% commission rate is higher then most other retail affiliate programs.

    Finally, Amazon does the best crossover promotions and marketing in the game.  This means when you refer customers to Amazon with 30-day cookies, you can earn money off any other products that they buy there. This is especially lucrative during Christmas and shopping periods.

    How to Make an Amazon Affiliate Website

    The WPZonBuilder tool lets you insert easy Amazon CTAs like this into posts.

    Once you’ve got wordpress set up and chosen a theme (if you don’t know how to set up wordpress then I will write an another article about it later) then you just need to start writing product reviews and keyword pages round your chosen topic and add your affiliate links within the article.

    In order to save time, help you sell products with a higher conversion rate and make the whole thing easier, I recommend buying an Amazon affiliate plug-in called  I don’t want to get too far into this, but it basically allows you to quickly insert Amazon products into your pages or posts.  This includes adding a product display to your posts, sales price, user rating, product information and a “Buy Now” button, which is all completely automated.   You can also add all of the user comments in an iFrame if you want underneath the product if you want.

    In order to use the WPZoneBuilder plug-in, you just need to install the plug-in to your theme, add your Amazon Affiliate ID in the wordpress backend, and then you can easily search for relevant products to “pull” into your posts.  It basically just saves a lot of time having to add specific URLs and pictures to your post, and it makes a really nice CTA for your site.

    Features of the WPZoneBuilder Plugin:

    • 100% SEO-Friendly and Compatible with All-in-One SEO Plug-in
    • Insert your Amazon Affiliate ID in the Backend to Save Time
    • Works for, and other foreign Amazon sites
    • Quickly Install CTAs into your Posts
    • Set Up Very Quickly and Create Retail Sites
    • Publish 100’s Products on your Site in Seconds

    How Much Traffic Do I Need to Make $100 per Month Promoting Amazon?

    The amount of traffic you need is totally dependant on the type of traffic you’re sending and the value of the products you’re selling.  The thing about Amazon is that they offer affiliates a base rate 5% per sale.  While this only amounts to 50c if you’re selling a $10 book, you can also earn $100+ per sale on higher value items such as 3D projectors or Laptops.

    Thus, my biggest tip for making a niche site and promoting Amazon is to find a niche with the most expensive products, since this will earn you the most money.

    A typical conversion rate from promoting Amazon in my experience is around 3-7%.  This is very good when you consider the average conversion rate for retail sites is 2%.  This means if you’re selling $50 items with an average commission per sale of $2.50 and a conversion rate of 5%, you’re going to need to send 400 clicks to Amazon to make $100 per month.  Based on how well you set up your site and drive your traffic to Amazon, you’re again looking at around a 5-10% CTR, which means you need 5,000+ traffic per month to your site.

    Obviously, if you sell a higher value item with an average price of $250 then you only need 1,000/month traffic to make $100 per month promoting Amazon.  Build lots of these “niche” sites together and you can start earning yourself a decent payday – especially during holiday seasons where conversion rates increase.

    Want more tips, real life case studies and advice on becoming a successful Amazon Affiliate? 

    If you want to learn how to build mini-sites and authority Amazon affiliate sites that earn over $5,000 per month then you should read Chris Guthrie’s eBook called Nich Profit Course. This eBook basically explains all of the steps to creating a profitable niche Amazon site, including modules on finding a good niche, how to make money as an Amazon affiliate, how to buy a domain, how to SEO your site, real life case studies and more.

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