How Much Income can you Earn as an Affiliate?

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    One of the most secretive, yet interesting topics to new affiliates wanting to enter the industry is “how much money can you make in affiliate marketing?”

    The truth is, the amount you can make in affiliate marketing is practically unlimited, and it also depends on how long you’ve been in the industry for and how many employees you have working for you (in addition to how smart you are).

    There are big, big affiliate marketing companies such as which are based in Gibraltar, that have more then 50 employees across tons of different departments such as legal, marketing, editors, writers, moderators, chief executives etc.  A lot of these affiliate marketing companies such as and also have millionaire owners and dozens of employees, and are essentially run just like any other business.

    Hence, we really do need a clearer distinction between individual monthly affiliate earnings and then what a large corporate organization can earn.

    How Much Can You Earn in Affiliate Marketing per Month?

    The majority of people that get into affiliate marketing generally give up or fail early on, within 12 months.

    Having said that, I know that most of my affiliate contacts that’ve been in the industry for 3-5 years are easily earning $10k+ per month.

    If we go a step further, the really smart affiliates who’ve been in the industry for 5+ yrs are earning $100k/month.  These guys are also known as super affiliates and have generally found ways to outsource their daily work routine, although you will still see them hanging around online forums and communities.  Some of them even run their own affiliate blogs for pleasure.

    Having chatted with my own AMs (Affiliate Managers), they’ve told me that their “good” affiliates generally refer 100+ customers per month.  If we’re talking about Forex then this is more then $50,000 per month in earnings.  And this is just what “good” affiliates earn from the operator’s standpoint.

    Then you have what I like to call Super Mega Affiliates.  These guys will not only be running multi-million dollar affiliate websites, but they’ll also have a whole roster of sub-affiliates working under them, with tons of experience in the industry and regularly network with gambling/Forex platform owners and CEOs.  These guys generally live in a hot, relaxing places like Cyprus and Malta, and live the dream as far as I can tell.  They’ll also probably be running a number of diversified online operations and businesses.

    For the record, you can also read a great article on gambling affiliate earnings at here.

    Affiliating Can Lead to All Sorts of Businesses Online

    I think there probably gets to a point in affiliating where you’re making enough money that you can start up any sort of business online.  I’ve known affiliates that have successfully launched their own white label operations in gambling and insurance, while others who’ve launched their own gold bullion retail sites that deal directly with the end customers.

    Basically, what I’m trying to say is that the numbers that the top affiliates are earning really opens up the internet for them.  You can pretty much start doing anything, competing with, launching your own Affiliate or SEO consultancy business, launch social networking sites or create unique online products etc…

    In the end, the amount of money that you make as an affiliate falls down to a number of things, but it’s mainly about hard work, making smart decisions on a daily basis, getting “lucky” and giving yourself enough time to grow and re-invest in your business.

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