How much does it cost to SEO a new site?

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    How Much Does it Cost to SEO a Site?

    Most people new to the affiliate game want to know exactly how much you need to invest in a new site before it makes a profit.

    Making a new mini-site and getting traffic/revenue can be easier than tying your shoe laces for an experienced affiliate, but for new affiliates it can be a little different.

    In order to SEO a new site, you need to know what to do, who to go to for particular services, and how to go about doing it.

    There’s a particular “balance” involved in SEO too which adds a risk to an affiliate’s business. Either you don’t SEO your site enough and see a negative ROI, or you “over do it” and get your site penalised – losing your money.

    How much does it cost to SEO a mini-site?

    I’ve made a number of mini-sites in the online gambling industry, each with around 20 – 40 pages and focused in a specific niche.  On average these sites will get around 500 – 2,000 hits in traffic per month, and produce me $200 – $500 in average income.

    Looking back at some of these mini-sites, I think I’ve had to invest around $1,000 on average in SEO.  This figure is 90% blog posts/advertising, and 10% press releases and social media/link wheels.

    The time frame to start seeing results for most of these sites is around 1 month, however after 2 – 3 months I find that new sites will increase traffic naturally as they mature and become more trusted.  For example, without any additional links, month 3 might have 50% – 100% more traffic than month 1.

    So, to make a mini-site that makes around $300 we need to invest $1,000, which is a monthly ROI of 30% (or 3 months from launch).

    The other problem with this $1,000 figure however is that it doesn’t take into account the day-to-day work that I do in SEO, which is mainly article marketing and writing articles and press releases to put on other webmasters’ sites.

    If you really want to put a blunt figure on this than I’d say I spent around 10 days in SEO in article marketing/link building for mini-sites.  If my salary was $100 per day than that’s an additional $1,000 in SEO fees (i.e. $2,000 total).

    How much does it cost to SEO a big, authority site?

    Investing in SEO for a big, authority site with 50 + pages is a little different to a mini-site because you have to invest in better advertising spots on more authoritative sites.  In my opinion you also need to be a little more “dedicated” to the process and the age factor becomes much more important.

    For my site, which has almost 100 pages, I’ve had to invest and build it up for more than 5 months and I’m still not finished with the results.

    I’d assume that I’ve invested around $2,000 in SEO for this site so far (advertising/blog posts/press releases, social media) and at the moment it only has 1,000 visits per month.

    However, the number of visitors seems to increase by around 20 %– 30% every month through what appears to be natural age and maturity in the SERPs.  Thus, the work you’ve done in one month could be exponential in the long term.

    I still feel a need to increase my traffic to 5,000+ per month to see a good steady, income from this site ($1,000+ per month).  Thus, I’d assume that I’m going to have to spend another $2,000 in SEO to get to this point, which will be around $4,000 in total.

    If you’re obsessed with ROI than this would be an ROI of 25% each month for big sites (or around 6 months to 1 year from launch to recoup all initial investment).

    SEO and ROI changes between niches however

    The main problem with these figures is that they will vary massively depending on the competition of the market and the SERPS.

    For example, I’ve made mini-sites with $1,000 investment that have made $700+ per month after 3 months, and other mini-sites have only made $100 per month with less traffic from the same investment.

    In conclusion, your ROI as an affiliate will depend on how smart and wisely you invest your income.  The less competitive the market and the higher the rewards, the bigger the ROI will be.

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