How I’ve Changed my Affiliate Strategy Going Forward

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    My affiliate strategy’s been slowly changing over the last few months and I figured I share them with you on my blog.

    12 months ago, my affiliate strategy was basically to follow what Kevin had done with building his niche mini-sites that targeted specific sports events on exact match domains.

    Kevin’s Previous Mini-Site Creation Strategy:

    Here are Kevin’s old blog posts about how he targeted and monetised niches a year ago (I don’t mind linking to them at all since I learned much of what I know from them and it’s still worth reading for many affiliates)

    As I said, I learned an awful lot from these blog posts and a lot of my affiliate strategy and motivation from the last 12 months came from his blogs.  I just targeted small, uncompetitive niches and monetised them effectively. Do I still think this still strategy works?  Probably, but I think the SEO work for these sites would be a little bit harder than it was back then.

    The beauty of this strategy was that it was simple, had little investment upfront, provided short term results and if you have enough sites targeting events round the year (e.g. Superbowl, Premier League, Kentucky Derby, March Madness) then you’ll be generating CPAs around the year, no worries.

    My Affiliate Strategy going forward in 2011/12

    The main thing that’s changed since 2010 is that I’m not so interested in creating thin mini-sites that I can quickly forget about anymore.

    The first difference is that after I do my keyword/market research, rather than finding a quick EMD to pick up for $10 I’m looking for a good, premium, brandable domain to invest in from I feel like when you invest in solid domains for your site you’re giving it more longevity, which also helps when trying to find a buyer for your site down the line.  I love doing anything that gives structure and value my ventures online, treating it more as a “Business” then a bedroom source of income.

    Having $1 to invest in an affiliate website and having $10k+ to invest in a website (over a period of several months) are completely different things and if I’m investing a higher amount than I want my site to have less risks.  Where as previously I was building mini-sites to make $100-$200 per month each, nowadays I’m planning on projects which can make $1k+/month.

    The fact that I’ve spent a lot ($x,xxx+) on a domain also makes me want to spend a lot of money on high quality content.  You end up hiring better writers, better content, and in over time you see your revenues increase proportionately.  I’ve not got a website into Google News yet but this would be the next part of the step for some of my projects.

    When I SEO my sites I now spend more money on high quality ads and marketing spots.  Sometimes this is difficult to do, but it’s always my aim.  I’ll also engage A LOT of press release services and article marketing schemes just to get my site off the mark and help to get some attention.

    Unlike my older mini-site strategy when I put up 25 pages of content on and then moved on to the next project, nothing is getting left behind anymore.  This is my “no man left behind policy”.  I’m continually adding content to my sites in the form of news or static pages and if I see that something is working then I’ll aim to build it up more and re-invest money into more traffic.  I’ve invested $x,xxx in a couple of my older sites, building them up and transferring them to new domains to which I’ll talk about in my next blog post.

    I have never done social media campaigns (yet!).  For some reason I just find it difficult to get into, and when you have 10+ sites that you’re managing on a daily basis it’s very hard to get motivated to launch an active social campaign for any of them.  In addition to this, I think social media is extremely easy to game and I could probably buy 500 Facebook Likes in the next 5 minutes for $10, so I kind of think it’s pointless.

    Ironically, with regards to investing in new themes and coding for bigger sites I have completed avoided this.  Every time I’ve invested in a new theme in the past I feel like it’s just been money down the drain.  I pretty much use the same theme on all of my sites and the money I saved can be used going towards SEO, marketing and content.

    Diversification has been a big thing of mine.  Most affiliates struggle to diversify which gives me greater motivation since I know I’ll have an edge (I actually think that gambling affiliates are more savvy than other affiliates in general and that in other niches people’s sites are very under-optimised and under priced).  The problem with diversifying it that it takes time to find the right sort of niche, find a good domain and do you market research in general.

    I’m placing a much higher emphasis on generic adsense sites nowadays because this encourages you to maximise your traffic and improve your content and page views.  This is what the internet is all about in my opinion – TRAFFIC.  Although some affiliate sites are fantastic, the incentive is always there to spend money leaching off brands – which is where a lot the money is .  I also know adsense sites are much easier to sell down the line and have smaller risks.

    Finally, I think my biggest downfall in the past is not taking advantage of email opt-ins or being innovative enough with my sites.  I always felt like as long as I kept making more money, I could wait until my “eureka moment” where I set aside a large amount of my funds or sell older projects to invest in some big new idea.  Obviously this hasn’t happened yet but I am making it my aim to think of things outside the box and not just keep building Site A, Site A1, Site A2 etc…

    Other than that, I think in general it’s good to keep trying new things in marketing and expand your knowledge on different subjects and marketing campaigns such as PPC, Adwords, Facebook, Video Implementation, Interviews with Key Sources, Link Bait, Social Media, Guest Posts etc…






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